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  • Hi Annette99,,Welcome to the forum also..sorry for taking so long to answer,,,I am learning to check all that is in my private message box,,,lol..I paint pictures and ceramics down to painting with my two precious little grandsons doing fingerpainting to creating a "masterpiece" with my little budding you for your compliment on my little grandbabies,,,they keep me young and on my toes...and keep us laughing all the time with the little antics that they come up with,,and the things that they say...hour house is so beautiful,,,here where we live the water gets up so bad that we cant have a decent flower garden and then when veggie garden gets going the planes spray for rice fields and it stunts or kills the take care and thank you for emailing me,,God bless you and your loved ones,,,Cassie
    Welcome to the forum. I am new too. I see you are a painter. What do you paint? I was born in '56, but havent been blessed with any grand babies. Yours are adorable.
    Hi Swindy,,,I dont guess I know her hon,,,but it is good to hear from someone that knows take care God bless you and your loved ones,,
    Hi Cassiegerald, what a small world -- I know somebody in Paragould Ark. Wouldn't it be a kick if it was you. lol The person I know is Jill Swindle my ex husbands sister, that was her maiden name, I will have to look up her marrage name.
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