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deck chucker

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  • are not the one confused! It is me that is goofy. That message about relocating was directed at Swindy; the post below mine. I don't think I will use this visitor message thing...just pm's.

    But I DO remember you and I DO want to be your friend....:-)
    Hey there! :D That baby sounds like she might be a little bit spoiled, but I'd expect that. The snow is just about all melted, but that can change in 5 minutes. It sure did last week! Nice to hear from you and I'm glad everyone there is fine, too.
    Hey you deck chucking fool. Hows it going? I bets cold up there in Ohio this fall. Been a bit brisk down here in Virginny too. Have certainly missed your good humor and upbeat outlook.

    All is well here. Virginia "Kate" is a wonderful granddaughter. Very pleasant disposition and at 8 months really beginning to come out as a little person. She can scoot herself where ever she wants to go, and loves wrestling with the dogs on the floor.
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