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    Happy Bday to both of you !!! I hope you Both have a day as special as the two of you are !! Hugs Kym
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    Valentine's Wish List

    Hey Mel, I have morning glory bush, if ya want, I ll send it off to you !
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    Winter Sowing

    if you mean lids as in the "caps" that come on the bottle when you buy them, NO, you take them off, that gives you a way for the snow and rain to reach the dirt. Once the sprouts come, and the heat, then you remove the top of the containers to allow more air circulation. Hope this helps !
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    Winter Sowing

    Hey everyone, computer has been down.......BUt I am so happy to say I have over 70 containers done.....and still going. Mel, I love those containers !! What a great idea, look forward to hearing how you make out with them !
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    Hey Susan, I havent been here in a long time, my computer has been down...nice to see so many...

    Hey Susan, I havent been here in a long time, my computer has been down...nice to see so many people here.
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    When to sow daylily seed ?

    I wintersowed them last season, out in Jan in a milk jug, and I had over 90 % germination rate. It worked really well, and they were nice and healthy good luck with them !
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    Any Garden Crafts??

    Scarez, what if you decopash (sp ? ) your can pick pretty papers, or print off your pictures from the garden, and deco them onto the gourds, then cover with a few layers of shalack (sp? again...LOL) You can even deco.. a picture, then go over the picture with a puffy paint, to...
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    Valentine's Wish List, anyone interested??

    Maingal, these are always sooo much fun....I havent been around, computer went down..but Id love to join. Hope you are feeling better
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    Ideas on what to do with Christmas cards

    there is an ornament that you make with old cards, you cut circles out, and then glue them together and it forms an eight sided ball ornament...they are really cute, and you would have all the card pictures to enjoy for years to come.
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    Hiya from N.E.Florida

    Hi DeeDee, I grow Brugs, and always enjoy seeing your pics you have any new ones from this summer or fall ?? Welcome to the site !
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    Winter Sowing

    I plan on making a photo album of pictures of my winter sowing from last year...thought it might help anyone just learning. I am planning on starting my WS this week, cant wait to play in the dirt !!
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    that old rose Dandy.......oh my !!!! GW, doesnt have any peonies on the site yet...I hope they will update soon, last season they had a beautiful yellow one I wanted..
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    Are There Gotta Have Annuals?

    Dizzy, hmmm, can I send ya some nasturtium seeds ??:D I just cant forget to plant SUNFLOWERS, they always make me smile, and I love to have some inside...I want to try the dwarf ones this year.. I also love BES vine, have had it for atleast the past 5 years..and cannas.
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    Hi from the Buckeye State

    Hi Smelly Melly....and gosh did you get the Smelly part glad to see it took someone else bugging you to get you here... will you be adding to your rose collection this season ??
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    ABC Flower Game

    P= Peony ( something I want to add more of this season) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to