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    Miracle Grow Plant Food

    I use the same amount for both indoor and outdoor plants 1tsp per gal of water and feed every 2 weeks that way your playing it safe and the plants don't seem to mind the x feeding, just water you tomatoes and other veggie the same amount
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    Zinnia seeds needed

    I have some Zinna Canary bird there yellow there 25 seeds in the pack, if its some thing you would like let me know
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    What's the weather in your area?

    Sunny but cold only in the mid 30s with a light wind, going to be in the upper 20s over night
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    What's the weather in your area?

    62 here today warm and sunny, I did some more clean up, potted up some glads and planted my blueberry bushes, the rest of the week looks to be nice and warm, I'll start cleaning out the flower beds
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    What did you buy this time?

    I bought my self some yellow petite Gladiolus to put in a planter I found at a tag sale last year, I need to lean to stay out of ebay when I'm bored
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    What's the gas prices in your area?

    Yesterday gas was up to $3.89, so being on a fix income, and don't use the car as much, I try and do every thing in one trip to save on money, the savings I use for other things I need
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    greenhouse location

    Your cover on the green house should last about 3 years, before removing it for the winter make sure its clean and dry that way it will last, when you need to replace it you can buy shade cloth for it and it will work out fine, I have a 15x7 hoop house I'll be putting up this spring for lots of...
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    Come and Grow A Rose With Me

    Hi Dublinah, welcome back, I hope your snow is melting as fast as it is here, I had a chance to check to see how some of my roses made it with all the wet heavy snow we had this year, so far every one looks good
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    Welcome redspider, Your going to enjoy your self here
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    What do you dehydrate

    I got my dehydrator Thur,so I tried it out and dry some pineapples, I had 2 large cans of pineapples in the pantry so I use them, now I have dry pineapples for my parrot to eat, going to try toms next,then see what else I can dry, this may be some thing I'll use alot and its easy to use :)
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    Anybody knows

    SL, I have the same recipe but mine calls for corn flakes to coat the patties with and I like to pan fry mine in a little veg oil
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    What's the weather in your area?

    the sun came out around noon and it got up to 55f, looks like next week is going to warm up a bit upper 40s to mid 50s think its going to melt more snow faster.
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    What's the weather in your area?

    35f and over cast, going up to 50f today snow is slowly melting, I can even see some bare spots in the yard
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    The Everything Else Thread

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ron, May you have many more
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    2011 Bloom's

    Love the flower, can't wait until spring shows up here, snow and rain on its way for the week end, Thanks for the pictures is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to