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  • Oh Mari i thought that was who u was glad u joined have u been doing,all i have blooming is some anemones now and a few daffs
    HI Jbaby, I'm doing good, trying to get plants started, so very glad I found this site, thanks much to Dale...
    Hey Jo
    Garden Forums is looking more & more like "home"..don't ya think?
    Always good to see you =)
    Hi Jo
    I have been on and off, we been fighting sickness! YUCK!
    How are you my friend?
    Hi Jo, it's so good to see you. Thanks for leaving me a note on my profile. I think of you everytime I look at my baby adenums! They haven't grown much since the fall but I expect once the weather warms and they get some sun, they'll shoot on up.Take care now.
    Well ibeen wondering where in the world you are at.i thought maybe you are sick again,glad to here you not.huggs
    hey gal...i haven't been on yahoo chat for a while...i need to get back in there and ask for another password...dil used my messenger and I don't remember my password to get back in...
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