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  • Hey T..are you having these mild summer temps in "your" Ohio? Kinda worries me...
    How is your garden doing? Flowers & vegs?
    My flowers are GREAT!
    My zuchinni is almost done..yellow squash just bns, corn, limas etc coming along..but tomatoes are BIG & green.
    Hope you are feeling better than good!! :) about crazy Ohio weather today? 80's and windy here. Felt like Florida..ahhh nice :)
    Nice temps for a few days.
    How ya feeling?
    Hi Theresa
    GF feels very comfy..especially since so many of the GH gang is here :)

    Hope you are feeling better & recovered from surgeries.

    Are you having this "crazy" Ohio weather in your parts? Woke up to snow this morning! ahhhh..I am ready for spring!
    Yep, Trellises, arbors, and little solar light crafts. But now after 3 shoulder surgeries it is down to solar light crafts and bird houses. I'm glad someone told me that everyone moved here!
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