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  • Glad you came over here, too, Vanessa! There are loads of familiar faces! This site is real easy to navigate, and it's really fun! Be sure you check out the container area. Wait until you see what Bernie has done with containers! That woman has taken container gardening to a whole new level, and I'm really envious!
    Hi Susan! It is good to see you here. I am excited to be here and see so many familiar faces. I excited to explore the whole site and jump in the forums. :)

    Call me young, are ya? You certainly know how to win friends!!!!!!!! Hope you've been spending time gardening, if not online! While you are undoubtedly enjoying a spectacular summer, most of us in the northern hemisphere are NOT enjoying this wicked, unpredictable and wild winter! Hope to see plenty of your beautiful pictures! (Hint Hint!)
    Young Susan! How be ya kiddo? I haven't been online much for a while, but I kept being asked to join this site lol. Great to hear from you too!
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