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  • Just passing through and hope all finds ya well -- Keep intouch with us all ( as ya can ),it's always a pleasure!! :)
    i am trying SandiB it's another way of having something in common with my husband but we don't go to races his driver is Scott Speed believe it or not "just b/c i like his name" ha ha and my driver is Eliot Sadler because he is from virginia hope to be talking to again soon i have stayed on too long today having toooo much fun
    Honored to be here and to see you again Sandi!!!! Hope we can have some great trades in the future!!! I see we were both born the same year...LOL!! Only you're older than I am....LOL!! You JUST made my day....LOL!!! Thanks!! You take care now!!!
    Hi Sandi! See that you are enjoying this lovely Ohio weather. We have snow here too but not as much as the lake effect areas. As far as my recovery from 3 shoulder surgeries, well, just found out after 3 months of therapy that my shoulder is not staying in socket. Is in socket when I lay down but comes out when I stand up. So all the therapy I have been doing has done nothing! Then after filling out 2 BOOKS for Disability they send me a letter wanting to know if I was depressed. I would really like to fill out 20 pages of questions for them! Other than that is good to be back with my garden friends! Can't wait for the weather to get warm enough for me to get my hands dirty. Maybe we can do some trades?
    Hi there, I use to belong to GH, well still do, but can't login. Susan told me to come here.

    Nice seeing you here.

    Hugs MaryLynn321
    Hey girl, I hope everything is going good for you and yours. I hadn't been on in awhile and when I did hunt around I noticed you all were gone. Take care, Becki
    No I haven't heard from her. I just sent you an IM to chat!!! Take care my dear friend.
    SandiB so good to hear from you. Stay in touch my friend. I am on on Yahoo IM most days would love to chat with you. Have a great day. Love Ya, Dale
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