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    Have Rembrandt tulips

    OK all I have extra rembrandt tulips anyone want to trade for some liatris, lillies, and or alliums?
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    Help identifying succulent

    I only water mine once a month unless it is very warm then I check for dry soil once a week but they only get watered when dry and they dont like wet feet
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    knitted dead fish hat.

    awesome! projects like this make me wish I could knit
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    Hey all this is my newest challenge. I am on attempt #2 having already killed 1 sinningia. So now I am asking does anyoneelse have a terrarium? How are you planting them etc. I am working on a milk botttle shaped glass container and using plastic wrap to seal it. I put in about 2" of river rock...
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    Christmas Card Exchange

    My girls and I did this last year on another site and we sent seeds with each card so I know they would want to do this again so count us in
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    Let's Talk Music

    Life without music would be a mistake. I am a classically trained musician but without a doubt my fav is Theory of a Deadman coming in close behind would be Chevelle, CLutch, Nickelback, Pachelbel cannon in D, and Mozart Requim, and Debussy afternoon of a fawn.
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    Two Random Plant ID's needed please

    It without a doubt looks like nightshade. The way your weeds have been going lately I would do some searcing on the belladonna family. I would think at sometime in your property's history someone who knew how to use the older herbs lived there. Your weeds sound like my grandparents garden. I...
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    Flower or weed?

    I didnt let them pay for them but I did a very desperate put as many pieces in the ground and pray they root. They took out all of my hens and chicks, a huge blue spruce sedum, pink aloe, sedum summer glory, sedum spathulifolium cape blanco and harvest moon, varigated aeonium, voodoo lilies and...
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    yes I agree there are other reason and things I dont mention. I have all of our important papers in a safe spot. I have 2 years worth of Bill money in the safe. WHen Larry died I lost everything and vowed not to let that happen again. Our kit is in the basement and is mainly for power outages. I...
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    Flower or weed?

    lol I like the part about it not being illegal so the kids weren't charged. If Toxic plants were Illegal I would be on death row. lol I provide my neighbors with a list every spring and the names and numbers of 2 vets familiar with my plants and how they affect dogs I have only this year started...
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    Flower or weed?

    Actually the bad rep part with kids smoking it actually wasnt Datura it was Brugmansia and the rumor went as far as to say that states in the south were banning the plant and making gardeners dig up their brugs
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    ours are in plastic storage containers wet basement here we do have a camp stove and fuel on hand but it is in a different spot. We have been mostly geared toward a power outage I have a generator too. I should be more prepared for a ice storm though
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    Our kits have the following Battery Operated air pump and batteries Bottled water can opener canned goods plates and utensils and cups radio with batteries flash lights and batteries blankets first aid kit leatherman whistle garbage bags, toilet paper, wipes dog food cat food...
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    Flower or weed?

    If you read all the way down in your link it talks about medicinal uses including the treatment of asthma even though it is no longer used today The FDA stillls uses components of it atropine, scopolamine and hyoscyamine. I am not saying to go out and harvest for use I was simply stating that it...
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    Flower or weed?

    I have never heard of it as an invasive. I have heard of it as an herbal pain killer but is very dangerous. I grew a triple purple one year Datura (jimson weed) does not survive our winters. It is pretty though but not something I would grow It does sell like chocolate cake up here though only... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to