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  • Hi Treva! I am doing good, thanks! How have you been? -- I kept telling Dizzy I would get here, and I finally did.
    Treva I wanted to ask you about praying for something for me. A friend is in the managcess of opening a used appliance store and he wants us to help run it for basically half the profits. He has managed a used appliance store before so he knows the supply and demand issues. I never knew there was such a demand for good used appliances. So if you would pray for God's will in the business. Would love for it to succeed in more ways than one. Thank you my dear friend. Enjoy the grandchildren while you can. They grow up way to quick. Love Ya, Dale
    Hey are ya doing wonderful to see you here...WOW! More and more are joining...Love this
    God Bless,
    Hi Treva -- nice to touch base with you. We MAY end up coming south in a few weeks, but how far we get will depend upon my Mom's health. She will be coming with us -- as she is living with us for now. We are not sure how much she can handle. God bless -- and Happy New Year T/Theresa
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