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  • I'm finally back on line!!!!!....had problems with the tower wireless connection where I live now now, and had to go with satellite disk connection!
    All because I live surrounded be miles of forests!
    Man! I missed not being online for the last 2 weeks!!
    Yup! It is a real pain! Bob is having trouble figuring out how they are posting and even registering.....the program isn't getting all of them!
    We are looking after all the idiot spammers that manage to get through the spam filters!
    The first thing I do each morning is throw out the trash!
    you must have alot of time to cook John.....and you do make very interesting things.....Im going to make that chicken curry as soon as it cools down.....
    cool??? here??? we have over 90 today and the humidity is super high, like an oven...its been the hottest on record with over 90's....but I expected that since we had such a mild winter......hey and thanks for dropping me a line..
    Hiya kiddo, keeping cool I hope? Hey pleased you like my "menu" I always try and do something a little bit different both to avoid boredom and the ''couldn't be bothered to cook" syndrome. Although that is bound to show up when it gets hot here... :rolleyes:Take care young lady!:)
    If you are ever in my neck of the woods, please stop by to tour my gardens. I'm great at sharing. Of course the best time would be spring and summer. Annette
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