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    tips on growing orchids at home

    Sorry for the late response. I just got busy. Anyways, my pots contain a bark mix with perlite and rocks. I like your idea about rotating the pots. Thanks!
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    tips on growing orchids at home

    I bought phalaenopsis plants from Orchid Republic when I was in Los Angeles last week. Any tips on how to take care of these orchids? Planning to put them near the windows.
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    Tomato Faux Pas

    Had the same problem before. I did the leaching method to remove the excess nutrients in the soil.
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    The Colors and Traditions Behind Roses

    I love yellow roses because they radiate a positive vibe.
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    Recipe Easy Pea Pasta Salad

    Nice recipe. I like the idea of adding crispy bacon to add crunchy texture and flavor.
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    Pachysandra removal

    Digging them out is the most effective and safe way to prevent them from coming up. On the other hand, the professional way is using a tractor.
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    What's the weather in your area? 2019 Edition

    Light rain showers. Humidity is 78%.
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    Recipe Quick and Easy Shortcut Chicken Parmesan Recipe

    Looks tasty. I love cheesy pasta recipes.
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    Is aquarium water ok for outdoor plants?

    There's benefit in using aquarium water since fish waste is plant food.
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    Surprise gift from "Irma"

    They are gorgeous. Are they crocosmia babylon?
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    Identifying plants toxic to dogs

    Oleander particularly their seed pods are hazardous.
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    Oleanders ok to burn?

    I heard that the fume from burning Oleanders is poisonous. Aside from that, the seed pods are poisonous to dogs if eaten.
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    What is your favorite flower, plant or tree?

    I love tulips, yellow calla lily and poppies.
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    Daylilies are edible – how to eat from your flowerbed

    I have never eaten Daylilies myself, but I must say that cooking idea is great.
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    Backyard Bunny

    Nice pic. Yesterday, I found a white rabbit in our yard and he stayed there the whole evening. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of him.
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    What annuals do you like?

    My favorite annuals are zinnias, cosmos, coleus and petunias.
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    Recipe No Bake Mini Peanut Butter Cheesecakes

    My kids love peanut butter so I will try it. Thanks for sharing this recipe.
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    The Trash Can Compost Bin

    Nice tips. Is there a specific number of holes required? I'm thinking of using a 32-gallon bin.
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    another newbie

    Hello everyone! I'm Abby and I look forward to sharing my opinions as well as gaining more gardening ideas. Cheers! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to