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    Gardening with Chickens: Pest Control

    Found that chickens are very helpful. Too much effective than chemical pesticides.
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    Spiral Shaped Beehives Mystify Scientists

    Spiral-shaped hives and that too stingless. Great!
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    ByeByePest Control Brisbane

    Does it provide 24*7 service?
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    Staying Ahead of Garden Pests

    To control the garden pests is a constant struggle for the gardeners. They can destroy all our hard work in minutes by eating up all our vegetables. Take action the moment you detect any pests. The damaging effects they create tend to spread rapidly throughout your garden. To be a step ahead...
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    Tiny white bug?!?

    How is your garden now?
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    First roses of spring.

    We have also planted a rose plant in our garden. Was curious to know what extra care is required in winters to keep our rose plant blooming?
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    Backyard Bunny

    Cute little! :)
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    Organic Bug Control

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