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  1. Captainobvious

    Getting close!

    We planted a bag of "mystery" bulbs in spring. They were a mystery because we forgot to label them :o They look like Gladiolus to me :) And they are getting close to blooming by the looks of it. Wish the lillies were planted sooner so they would be close too. Should these be supported with...
  2. Captainobvious

    Suggestions for temporary partial shade

    The Hydrangeas I recently planted are getting baked by the hot sun we've had here recently. Since they are more fragile after first planting, I wondered if any of you might have any quick-fix suggestions for giving a little sun protection during the day? Maybe a square frame elevated above it...
  3. Captainobvious

    Pics of the garden

    Well, we finally got our shrubs/plants in the ground :o Heres what it looks like before (with after the plants came home) and then after much digging and planting...(as well as some pics of the planter pot and the front garden bed which I need to do a little work on as well (remove border and...
  4. Captainobvious

    Silk Pie - dessert

    One more for you guys...this time its sweet :D I call it "Silk Pie" because its smoooooth. :p Ingredients: 1 Large tub of Cool Whip Half cup milk chocolate morsels 1 can of sliced Pineapple (medium size) about 20 sliced strawberries 1 large or 2 small bananas, sliced 2 standard...
  5. Captainobvious

    Captains Meatloaf

    For any meatloaf, I always recommend baking on a FLAT PAN. When you use a traditional meatloaf pan, the sides dont get the opportunity to get lightly crisped, or coated with a sauce like you get with a flat pan. That, and meat coming out looking like a loaf of bread is a little odd ;)...
  6. Captainobvious

    Tons of these bugs in my garden bed! Please help identify

    I was weeding out the front garden bed yesterday and noticed that there are a TON of these bugs crawling around just under the surface of the dirt and mulch (not on top). What are they and how do I get rid of them? I have a bunch of bite marks on leaves from the rose bush and other things as well :(
  7. Captainobvious

    Tri-color Chicken Tortellini

    Captain's Chicken Tortellini Im a huge fan of Italian food so this is a favortie of mine. Ate something similar at a restaurant once and decided I needed to come up with a recipe of my own. Hope you enjoy it :) This dish is a tasty chicken/pasta combo in a creamy marinara sauce. Serves...
  8. Captainobvious

    Starting from scratch, small backyard garden

    Hi there :) My fiance and I are trying to plan out a nice garden section in our small-ish back yard. Living in town usually means very limited space so I guess I cant complain- we actually have more yard than most of our neighbors. Anyway, I sketched up an appx layout of the backyard and...
  9. Captainobvious

    Hi :)

    New member here from Southeastern Pennsylvania. Im actually very new to gardening so Im hoping to learn from some of you and hopfully get some advice on my upcoming project for the back yard. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to