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  1. GardenBear1

    Jewel orchid

    My Jewel orchid ( Ludisia discolor) started to open this morning just one bloom stock has started so with one growing fast, you can see the other bud in back on the left
  2. GardenBear1

    Chopped liver

    Any one have a good recipe for chopped liver, the one I have is kind of boring, its a traditional Jewish recipe that's been handed down in the family for years, I would like to make it taste better or try a new recipe for it
  3. GardenBear1

    Poor shade house

    My shade is not looking good with all the snow in it, I need to dig a path to it and see whats going on, its starting to lean to one side, but it just to cold to be digging a path
  4. GardenBear1


    What two different modes of transportation can be spelled the same way forward and backwards :D just one hint....Sports
  5. GardenBear1

    Bread pans

    I'm well in to my 60s and the cast iron pans I'm using were my Mom's I know she had them long before I was around, its time to replace them there hard to keep clean and have stated to show there age, I've been looking around for new ones, but can't find the 2lb size loaf size the other problem...
  6. GardenBear1

    Gone but not forgotten

    After a short fight with cancer, with the pain she was in I knew it as time to let her go. Maxi was a full size Chihuahua, her real age is unknown because she came from the shelter, as close as we can guess she must have been 10 or 11 now, I got her in 07 and she was the love of my life, even if...
  7. GardenBear1

    Veggie oil not butter

    I was making cookies this past week and ran out of butter, I didn't want to go to the store for just butter, so I went next door to see if I could bum some off them, I was told ever politely that she didn't use butter in her cookies, she makes some great cookies, she replaces butter with veggie...
  8. GardenBear1

    Jolly Dancer

    Jolly Dancer is a nice size cc its in a 14 inch pot and all most 3 ft across, she is the only cc that has set buds and bloomed so far this year, any bigger I'll have to split it and end up with 2 large plants.
  9. GardenBear1

    Miss Red

    This is my Red lored amazon parrot, for her age 25 +, she still looks good, she lost lot of her bright colors due to her age but she still swear up a storm,she loves spending her days hanging out in my growing room with me, and finds all kinds of bugs to eat, she rules the roost, but can be a...
  10. GardenBear1

    New but old cook book

    While going through boxes I came home with after my Mom passed away a few years back, lots of old cook books, but the one I found in a plastic bag was well used and kind of out dated some time in the early 50, when reading it was telling about a test on weight gain for kids caloric requirements...
  11. GardenBear1

    Rain barrels

    How many of you use rain barrels, I've been using one now for 2 yrs and thinking about getting 2 more, that will give me all most 200 gal of free water or a savings of $75.00 a year on my water bill, rain water is better for your plant than water piped in from the city, there no added junk to...
  12. GardenBear1

    New Bromeliad

    I picked up this little guy cheap ( I like cheap :D ) hes a Guzmania Amaranth burgundy, he has 3 pups so I think it will grow just like any other brom and will go out in the shade house next spring.
  13. GardenBear1

    Fire place

    In order to heat my living room to 68 I would kick the heat up to 70, I don't to heat the whole down stairs just the living room, so this morning I went out a got my self a nice electric fire place its just the right size for a 36 inch tv to sit on, the front opens so I can put my vcr and dvd...
  14. GardenBear1

    Onion Bread

    My Favorite onion bread 3 cups warm water 3 cakes yeast 1/4 cup sugar or honey salt = NONE*** 5 tablespoon oil 2 packs dry onion soup mix there salt in the onion mix combine water, yeast and sugar or honey stir until yeast dissolves add half of the flour and dry onion soup mix...
  15. GardenBear1

    Bamboo Orchids

    I have a few new plants and I even picked up some Bamboo Orchids and ground orchid, I want to grow them in pots but not sure what they need for food, I hope the don't grow to big too fast that I can't keep them in a pot that can be mover into the house come winter, now to find some one to blame...
  16. GardenBear1

    Sewing machine

    After 40 years my little Kenmore died, Sears can't get the parts for it any more Kenmore doesn't make the machine or parts for it, so now I need a new one so I can get back to making quilts this winter, it doesn't need all the do dad's on it, just some thing that will sew a tight stitch, can any...
  17. GardenBear1

    Plans for next year

    After this year I'm going to down size the flower beds in the front yard, I don't spend time out there working on it and weeding so down sizing the flower bed will help, and it will only add a few more min. to mow the lawn and trim it, most of the plants will be moved to the back yard or along...
  18. GardenBear1

    Match stick buds

    My Bromeliad Aechmea gamsepala,Match stick has started to set buds, there are only 2 right now, I'm hoping for more, the flowers are blue with white tips looks like a match, I also have one thats red with white tips, this one hasn't bloomed yet, its not pot bound yet
  19. GardenBear1

    Fall and moving

    its that time of year, much too early yet but with the nights dipping down into 40s I need to bring all my epie back inside for the winter, it will take a good week or more to get every thing in place, Had to check all the light and replace the one that didn't work, replaces timers, need to...
  20. GardenBear1

    House in oil

    After a long summer the painting of my house came today, it kind of makes me proud of the house and it will stay with me even if I move, it took for ever to come from Canada, the lady who painted it did a really good job of even getting the dog in it, she in the lower corner of the front door... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to