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  1. flwrs4ever

    Favorite cookie recipes

    I always bake and give to people that have made an impact on my life thru the past year....always looking for a good cookie you have one to share ?
  2. flwrs4ever

    What is your Favorite Christmas Memory ?

    With Christmas right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to hear what everyone's favorite Christmas memory is... Do you have one ?
  3. flwrs4ever


    I have two bulbs from last do you get your amaryllis bulbs to re bloom ?
  4. flwrs4ever

    Do you make a good stew ?

    I have been wanting to make stew...but dont have a good recipe....anyone willing to share one ? I know, I can go on the recipe sites, but I want to know someone actually has made it, and likes it.
  5. flwrs4ever

    Happy Birthday Sproutling !!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...HAPPY 45TH BIRTHDAY DEAR SPROUTLING, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUU May your day be filled with fun, flowers, and lots of love. enjoy your day !
  6. flwrs4ever

    Faerie gardens, or minature gardens

    Hello, I am interested in making a minature garden..or faerie garden. Does anyone have pictures, or suggestions ? Id love to know what plants would be good. What have you used to make decorations ? TIA
  7. flwrs4ever

    Winter Sowing

    Is there anyone here that would like to share info on wintersowing ? Winter sowing, is a technique, where you sow seeds inside of a container with approx 3-5 inches of soil...most people prefer to use two liter bottles, or milk jugs. You place the soil, and seeds inside of the container...
  8. flwrs4ever

    New from RI

    Hello, I came the other night, and there was only four members, I am so glad to see so many people here, and a lot of familiar screen names too....:cool: My name is Kym, and I wanted to thank you for starting a new site...cant wait to watch it grow. I love to garden, and grow plants that... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to