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    How to get rid of green cabbage worms?

    I have hand picked about 4 or 5 green worms and several little white balls that I am guessing are the eggs. How do I keep them off of my collard plants for good?
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    Venus Fly Traps

    If anyone has experience growing these please let me know. I am planning on putting them in little containers and putting around my garden to keep bugs out.
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    Strange Weeds

    I keep having strange weeds grow beside my cucumber plants that look like little cucumber seedlings. However I just planted my cucumbers and there is no way that I dropped any extra seeds because they were transplants with no flowers on them. Every once in a while a little weed blends in that...
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    Aloe Vera Plants

    Where is a good place to put two Aloe Vera plants if you wanted to keep them inside. I have heard that they need to face away from the sun and others say direct sun. Will they survive inside my house?
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    Black Spots On Pepper Plant

    My bell pepper plants have blackish or purplish looking spots in the crotch of the plant. I found a similiar photo on the internet that looks like mine but have found no answer as to what it is or how to cure it. Any help is appreciated.
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    Plant Cuttings

    Does anyone have any herb cuttings they can offer me for a trade or small fee? I am looking for some basil, besides sweet, lavender, wormwood and yarrow. Thanks.
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    How many pea and bush plants per person?

    I have a family of 3 and I have about 9 pea plants and 5 bush bean plants. I was wondering if this will be enough for a harvest. I have read some ridiculous things about plants per person on the internet. One suggests 45 plants for a family of 3, and another suggest 7 eggplants. And we all...
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    What grows well with collards?

    I have some extra space in between my collards and I was wondering what I could plant between them?
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    Eggplant Advice

    Can anyone fill me in on growing Eggplant? I did start 4 from seed, two I gave away and the other two will take a while to produce so I am going to put them in my greenhouse as I broke down today and bought a really healthy looking and more mature plant at the nursery for a few dollars. I...
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    Plastic Bag Method

    I am attempting to try the plastic baggie method for germinating seeds. Which is a sandwich bag with a damp coffee filter folded in half and in between the filter is the seeds. No soil is required to germinate and apparantly it has worked for some. It just needs some place warm. Has anyone...
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    Advice on growing lettuce and tomatillos

    I really want to start growing tomatillos but don't seem to know anything about growing them. The internet provides very little. I hear that you need to have at least 2-3 plants so they can cross pollinate? Also I am trying to grow loose leaf lettuce but when I transplanted seedlings they all...
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    My Trade List 2011

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    How many seeds to plant...

    How many seeds will I need to plant to get a good quality basil, dill and cilantro plant. I have never been successful with dill and cilantro and can't remember how many I planted for basil. Thanks.
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    Worm On My Tomato Plant!!

    I went outside today and found that one of my precious tomato plants had been cut in half with only a little stem left above ground. When I looked over I found the rest of the plant (plant was only 4 or 5 inches tall) laying on the ground with a black worm next to it! And why I didn't kill...
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    Roma Tomato Seeds

    I have some Roma Tomato seeds to give away if anyone is interested!
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    What are these?

    I did something really silly. I planted some seeds and did not mark them. I am assuming these are either flowers or more likely herbs. Can anyone identify these?
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    Lettuce Seeds

    This is really stupid but I have to ask. Does one lettuce seed equal a head or bunch of lettuce? If so I may have planted wayyy to many. I have the loose leaf and I know that they say it doesn't bunch well. Anyone with experience growing loose leaf lettuce? Mine is actually salad bowl lettuce.
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    Craziest thing happened with my Marjoram!

    I have planted some Marjoram to give it another go around. Last time I was not successful. I know that this herb takes a will to germinate, some say 10 days or longer. I planted the seeds on April 1st and on April 2nd I had a sprout! It wasn't just tiny either, it was a good size, looked like...
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    Salad Bowl Lettuce?

    I am planting some more seeds since I am experiencing good weather here in Georgia. I have a seed packet that I had ordered in bulk on ebay and all it saids on it is "Salad Bowl Lettuce". I heard that this lettuce is supposed to be heat resistant and can grow in the summer. Is this true? Is...
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    Looking for the following....

    I am looking for the following seeds; asparagus, pickling cucumbers, lima leans, butter beans, pole beans, various peppers and tomatoes.... Also I am looking for tubers? to plant sweet and Irish potatoes, not sure where to find these. I have never grown potatoes before. I have chosen only... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to