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  1. klevelyn

    cantaloupe pollenation

    Flowers keep growing so keep checking for new flowers to use. It is so fun to see a melon finally growing.
  2. klevelyn

    cantaloupe pollenation

    To pollinate the female flowers I just pick a male flower and peel the petals back and rub the male flower onto a female flower. I do this in the morning when the flowers are open and fresh. I can pollinate several female flowers with on male flower. It has worked very well. I also grew my...
  3. klevelyn

    gardening at night

    I hadn't thought about night gardening. It is a thought. It is way to hot during the day right now.
  4. klevelyn

    Been away.....

    Welcome back, sorry to here about our health struggles. Lot and fruits and veggies can work wonders to build the immune system. Gardening is a blessing. Good Luck.
  5. klevelyn

    What's for dinner?

    Wow, you have some great meals going. We are having vegetable curry over rice. Love Aug. the Garden is full.
  6. klevelyn

    The World History of Climate Change

    Very good information, I think we are in a changing weather pattern that may be effected by our industrial society. I don't think we are willing to shut our industries down, soo I guess we live with the changes. I think the earth is good at adapting to us.
  7. klevelyn


    Thank you for the link. I did run my virus protection on all my drives, but it is nice to know I am okay.
  8. klevelyn

    Escaped the heavy rains today

    Nice picture. We are having a very hot and dry spell. I am glad to see some rain somewhere.
  9. klevelyn

    What to plant at first of July?

    Carrots can be planted, you just need to keep them moist to germinate. Green beans would be good. I am harvesting my garlic as well and I was really pleased with them. It was my first year planting them.
  10. klevelyn

    harvest tracking

    That's great. You will find each year the cost goes down. We bought fencing and tomato cages last year and they will last for years. So the cost of supplies can be spread over the life time of your gardening. I save some of my seeds and plant the next year. A great way to save some money.
  11. klevelyn

    Newbie from Colorado

    Grass is pretty hardy and will go dormant to protect it self. Your in the intermountian west along with us. Water the lawn regularly and new grass blades will begin growing in a couple of weeks but will need an inch of water per week. As it gets hotter you'll want to water more frequently about...
  12. klevelyn

    My veggie garden

    Nice garden, things are just getting started in my area. But I have peas now.
  13. klevelyn

    yard clean up with mulch

    Very nice. We must be on the same wave length. I watched back to edan and did the same with my garden this spring. I hate to weed. It has been great so far. Here a pic of my broccoli in the mulched garden.
  14. klevelyn

    Self-Watering or Sub-Irrigated Container from two 5 gallon buckets

    That's quite a garden. I have seen this on youtube and thought I would try it with an herb garden. Thanks for the information.
  15. klevelyn

    Very proud!

    Very nice. It is so fun to see your efforts pay off.
  16. klevelyn

    Chocolate Mint is good in...?

    I love mint tea and will be planting this variety in the garden this year. Thanks for the article link.
  17. klevelyn

    cross pollination

    I have planted my pepper and tomatoes and cucumbers in row next to each other without any problems. I don't save seed and it has been working for me for years. I just try to rotate so I am not planting the same vegetable in the same location. From year to year.
  18. klevelyn

    Hi from Florida!

    Welcome, You have a nice growing season in Florida. Have you tried the earth boxes? they are great for container gardening. YouTube has some great make your self earth boxes.
  19. klevelyn

    Mints - Yeah yeah!

    I don't think strawberry mint is hardy in my zone. But I am going to try chocolate. How dose it taste? I have peppermint planted in a large pot. I keep it trimmed and I love it all winter. I use it with chamomile and sage in a tea for coughs and congestion. I am going to try growing German...
  20. klevelyn

    Grass in Raised Beds

    Once you get the grass under control mulching works. Newspaper and shaving. Keep the mulch deep. 5-6 inches and keep putting mulch as the old decomposes. Keep the strawberries thinned each year. Cut off some of the runners to keep your patch under control. good Luck, Strawberries are works... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to