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I so appreciate all of your work and patience with folks. I'm grateful to be a part of this website. I hope folks do PM's instead of spouting off on a thread but I only use about 5 threads. You have put together comradier. I am grateful. We came together for gardening and then it has gone on. You've done a great job ~ Thank you ~ Curbie


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ok, may I ask free advice on plants that do not consume to much water?

Welcome to the forums Poppie. What plants do you have growing? Where I am, its very hot and humid in the summer. With an extra sprinkle or two of water between rains, I manage a variety of flowers in my gardens. As Curbie said, succulents are real good for dry areas. Hope to see you around the forums often.


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I just found this thread and I'll def 3rd Shadylane's comment!
As for religion and politics, I wont even discuss those at Generalforum, lol! I like much friendlier topics! :D Besides I dont know much about either and wanna know as little about politics as i can. I like to leave both topics to the people who are paid to know about them.

Kya D

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In my opinion Religion and politics stuff should never be discussed on this site.
The prayer site is for those of us who believe prayer helps no matter who you pray to.
I don't see what politics has to do with gardening. And we all have our own ideas about them.


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Def a big SHOUT OUT for Bob! That guy is totally COOL! :D
LOL! Imo, if you dont ever think about those things, you never have to worry about them! :D
But i'm def gonna eat my fav topic now... supper! :D
I think from time to time, Bob should be reminded how much friendship and knowledge (well,I'm still in the learning curve) this site has given us. I truly was honored when I got an invitation from someone very far away from, to join. I have done just about everything wrong so far but I am pleased to still be here. Thank you, Bob. Curbie :)
I would like to thank Bob for this site as well.And all the up keep he has to go through for us.Without him I would not have any of you as a friend.I Thank God and Bob for all of you.Thank's Bob for all you do.


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You are right there Spider. Remember how it was before Bob put the site up. I was lost without my friends. I've known some of you for almost all of Becca's lifetime. She is 16 now so it has been a while. Becca was a baby when I bought my first computer. That is why the reference to her.

Thanks Bob for all that you do. If I forget to be nice to you, you can give me one of Randy's rotten woman awards.
All you have to do is say the magic word to get an award! (If you don't know it, it's 'lobster') LOL! I wonder if I can find a pickle award when the real computer is up and running? Curbie :)

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