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That would be great CG b/c in PA, they have MANY of them. There are always 3 blades on them and they are VERY tall. Navigational hazard. How tall is the BOAT? Where are these 'hazards' placed? People want inexpensive energy ( instead of say, gasoline) and 'they' can't understand that ELECTRICITY IS expensive. I really wish we could have them on this gas pipeline but I guess that's a conflict o interest b/c I doubt they can drill to put the turbines in. Lord knows the only sense I got was from my Dad. :) Guess it's b/c he was a scientist. Curbster


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The turbines here, are totally under water in the river. But they are marked on all corners with what is called a dolphin piling and it must have lights. It is actually in the channel of the river, so that it catches the strongest current.
As much wind as we get here on the water , wind power seems like a no brainer.


Well,well, well....Isn't that a Warm Welcome!

Yes, Welcome all that enjoy gardening of ANY kind!
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Boy! We really went off topic!
Just remember:1/ NO POLITICS and 2/NO RELIGION!!!
Those two major rules as well as 3/NO LINKS FOR PERSONAL GAIN OR PROFIT
should keep us talking about gardening and gardening weather!!!


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I'll be quiet, Ron. Thank you for everything you do on here and many appreciate it all. You are a hard worker. Thank you again. How's the lake? We're experincing a drought. Are you? Curbie

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