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Two of my co-workers were talking, just now at lunch, about their husbands efforts to stop smoking. I was reading the State paper, which had an article about the Flower Festival being held at the State Farmer's Market this weekend that opens today. They're talking addiction, and I'm twitching and itching to leave work early because THERE ARE PEOPLE BUYING FLOWERS WITHOUT ME!! And the HEIRLOOM TOMATO GUY IS THERE and what if SOMEONE BUYS TOMATOES BEFORE I GET THERE!

*sob!* I'm a sick woman.
BA...heal thyself! Call in sick tomorrow and get on out there. Worst case scenario is that you'll probably run into coworkers with the same illness who made the same phone call. Sigh...can't get there before Saturday morning. I'll be ok, though. I'm taking anti-depressants...

Oh...don't know if it's the same guy or not, but an heirloom tomato guy will also be at Woodley's on Saturday. Caught part of it on the radio on my way in to work this morning.
Oh my where is the garden aloholics meeting at, need an intervention quick...
Never saw a plant or a nursery I didn't like...Even out at the garden I volunteer at we are all wondering looking at whats coming up now ect...
Taking hubby to plant sale in portland on the 11th...maybe I'll get cure then..
Later all


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Need the 12 step!!!
1/ select a spot in the sun;
2/ till the soil and make some furrows;
3/ sow your seed;
4/ gently cover the seeds;
5/ water the soil;
6/ sit back and wait;
7/..and wait;
8/...and wait;
9/ get excited as the first seed germinates and pops out of the soil;
10/ sit back and watch them grow;
11/ water then regularly if there's no rain;
12/ harvest the veggies!
Then start all over again!
Since gardening is like a virus, there is no cure except starting the 12 step again!
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Well, so, I went by, but just for a peek!

Um yeah ok, I only bought a few things. Like, Corno Di Toro pepper plants, and maybe a few egg plants, and they had some basil I wanted, and if I'm going to try and have a bog garden I certainly don't want picked over carnivorous plants, now do I?


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Blue the weather man talking FROST Tuesday coming. I will be glad when spring is really here. Come on warm weather.


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Hey Susan the plant sale at the wildflower center is the 10th for members and 11, and I think the 12 for nonmembers. I hope I can go but I think my budget got cut today.
Hubby wrecked my car. he is ok but the car is at the body shop and have no idea how long to get it fixed cause there are so many hail damaged car ahead of us. I told insurance to go check the car cause we are going to miss the appt. on the 14th to have it looked at. God I hate not having my car. Had to rent a kia.


Lyn so glad your hubby is ok!

The rest of you just crack me up! Hmmm, I wonder how many more days till the farmers market opens here. I talked with a lady by email tonight and she told me she tossed out some violas today, I about cried, I love those things! I hate to see a good plant go to waste.

Ha! I figured out a looong time ago this gardening thing was a sickness!!!!!!!!!:eek:;)
Some friends of mine(husband & wife) are both disabled---he with multiple back injuries( can barely move, several operations,constant pain,etc.,etc.) --she with multiplesclorosis (sp?)-----and they plant ACRES of veggies!!!! They have ( I would say) one of the best farm stands in the state! They started out selling veggies from under a canopy in the front yard--then moved it into their garage(much cooler there for the veggies)--then rigged up a sprayer system to spray the veggies with water to keep them fresher--then last year added a walk-in cooler so more veggies could be picked at peak freshness and be kept that way longer!!!!!! I don't know of any other farm stand that goes to such lengths to keep their veggies "fresh" for their customers! Now that's either dedication or insanity--they seem to think the latter! LOL :D
And I--being afflicted with the same disease--"started" their tomatoes & peppers for them--(also a few cauliflower, broccoli, & cabbage)--to a tune of about 500 + plants!:eek: And since I have no "greenhouse"--they were all started and kept in my house till it was time for them to go out into the coldframe.:eek::eek:
So folks-if you think your "addiction" is bad--not to worry---there's always someone that's got it just as bad--or worse!! :D:D
somebody help me out today. I have all of the plants that are moving with me dug up and in pots til the move next week. I am still waiting for a bunch of plants to be delivered that I bought off ebay. AND the horror of it all is I have to go plant hanger shopping in Lowe's today GAIA help I am going into a greenhouse with cash. LMAO Have a good day all I will let you all know how bad it was


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LOL!!! I got it too.HEy there could be worse addictions. At least this one I have will feed me. I can't seem to pass a seed rack without buying.
Thanks for the 12-steps. I'll put them in the front inside flap of my gardening journal to remind me that this is one addiction from which I hope I NEVER recover. BA...hope you enjoyed yourself yesterday. I've put my husband on notice that he needs to dust off the RadioFlyer this morning for a roadtrip to the farmer's market tomorrow.

I saw on the news this morning that one of our local food banks, Harvest Hope, is asking home gardener's to plant an extra row to help feed the hungry in our communities. What a great idea! I can't help but wonder how they will approach the food safety aspect, though.


Our foodbanks here have taken in fresh produce from local gardeners for years, I think it a waonderful idea. Also giving to the churches for the needy families with children.

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