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Has anyone tried one of these aero gardens yet. They are really pretty in the pictures, but as you know pictures can be misleading. I would love to have one. They are expensive tho. I'll have to wait till after Christmas to get one. So I would like to hear of anyones experince with them.


I would love to hear also....not that I have the space for it unless I was to throw some houseplants out the door....but I might be able to find something else to throw out lol..


I have seen them in Canadian Tire, they look small to me, and they just had artifical plants in them......maybe good for herbs, where you are "snipping" all the time.........just not sure, so would be interesting to hear from someone that has one.
I have two AeroGardens!

Has anyone tried one of these aero gardens yet. They are really pretty in the pictures, but as you know pictures can be misleading. I would love to have one. They are expensive tho. I'll have to wait till after Christmas to get one. So I would like to hear of anyones experince with them.
I have two of these. My recent acquisition is the lady bug model. It has a better lighting system than the classic, which is what my first model is.

There are a few things they don't tell you, however.

  • You need to clean out the base regularly -- even while you are growing something. The calcium deposits of the water accumulate easily.
  • The motor will wear out -- if not used, or if used continually. Figure it will last a year with constant use. If it sits idle for a while, the motor can wear out too.
  • When you clean the system, you need to be sure you take the motor apart as well. I didn't realize that I had to download specific instructions on how to do that. They are on the website, and it's not hard to do, but the instructions that come with the kit don't tell you this.
  • You are better off getting the Deluxe model and purchasing the trellis system separately. That system has adaptive intelligence. That means there is a computer onboard that pretty much figures out when do do stuff. It also changes the amount of light depending on the time of the day, etc.
  • Don't purchase the classic model. All you can grow in that is lettuce. The arm doesn't extend far enough to enable you to grow tomatoes or anything else. It also doesn't have the set up for the trellis system.
Do I like it? Yup. It's a lot of fun. It's not as maintenance free as they'd like you to believe, and when my mother purchased the first one, she bought it over the phone. She has no computer and has never used one. The staff was not helpful at all. Had they had any intelligence, they would have realized that they had live bait in their midst and they could have sold her the Pro200 model.

It's great for growing salad stuff, especially here in Texas. There is rarely a time when it's cool enough to be able to grow lettuce, and when it IS cool here, it gets too cold at night. We go from 50 degree daytime temperatures, the average for winter to 80's which is what spring averages are. Once we hit about March, it's just a matter of time until we'll need to use a/c all the time.

I love mine, but it's not cheap. If you have access to seeds, I'd get one of the better models -- probably the Deluxe, and the master gardener kit. Then you can decide what you want to grow and furnish your own seeds. One other thing, you can't grow different things at the same time. Different vegetables use different types of nutrients, and different lighting requirements. With lettuce, there is a fountain like effect that keeps the water flowing constantly. Other things don't need the constant water flow.

I really love both of mine. Everything grows quite fast! If you do decide to get one, know that you're going to have to clean stuff quite often -- especially if you have hard water that leaves calcium or lime deposits in the reservoir.


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I still think I would like to get one ...I will have to save my nickles and dimes...I have given up my coffee drink that i use to get each day...I know put that money in a jar to save for a little I htink I know what I will save plantlover do you have a link for the one you are talking I can get an idea how long I will have to save;)
You have to buy the trellis thingies with this one. I think they are about $20.
If you don't have a lot of space, they've got other models, including a six pod one that fits in a corner. I have the classic model. I'm not saying it's bad or anything. It's great....however, the arm doesn't extend as high as the arm on the pro and deluxe models does. There's also more light with this model. When the arm doesn't extend so much, you really can't grow peppers, tomatoes, beans or snow peas easily.

It is really fun to watch lettuce grow in my house -- in the dead of winter. And because there's no dirt or any chemicals, there are no bugs either. The lettuce tastes divine!

Here's the one:

Here's the second one I got...It's not as high tech as the more deluxe models, but it's the cutest thing I've ever seen! And I LOVE red!



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The only drawback is the total cost of the unit, plus the electricity used!
To grow a plant to harvestable size, would be exorbitantly expensive at $200.00! :(
Care for a $200.00 pepper anyone!!:eek:
As a novelty, these units would be fun, but are not at all practical for growing food plants!:D
A unit would be great for growing orchids, or other smaller tropicals!:cool:
Ron, it takes no more than three weeks to grow a harvestable crop of lettuce, and it should sustain you for about 4 months, depending of course, on how much rabbit food you eat. My diet consists of about 99% rabbit food, so I couldn't get it to last that long. Other things take longer to grow. If you were to buy the salad chef kit, for example, you'd be paying about $40 for 8 months supply of lettuce.

I haven't noticed a measurable increase in my utility bill. As a matter of fact, when I have my AeroGarden on, I don't use other lights, so it doesn't really add to the expense of utilities.

I buy an awful lot of produce on a regular basis, and for someone who spends more on fresh produce than they do on other stuff when they buy groceries, it's a pretty good savings.


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how the heck would it cost $200 to grow a plant...what I am reading is it takes very little power...
thanks plantlover for the pictures and the link...
I have noticed NO increase in my utility bill. I live in Texas and run the a/c from March until at least the end of October -- if not into November 24/7....It doesn't use much power. Besides that, the light it gives off is nice....and you don't need to use other lights in the room because you can see with just the light from the unit.

Debe, the only thing I DON'T like about the unit -- and this is something in the design, is that because it only uses one pump, it's not possible to grow more than one type of thing simultaneously. I still love it....and the lady bug is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute.

They also have $20 off on the actual AeroGardens now, and free shipping with orders of $25 and more. The shipping isn't cheap either.


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Well I would think that several types of greens or lettuces at once would grow......I will keep reading up...Mike looked at it and said he could hake something I may go that next year we shoul dhave the greenhouses up and going....also found some wonderful old windows to make some cold boxes up next the house for next year also...
You can grow several types of lettuces with no problem. I meant you can't grow lettuce and tomatoes, or lettuce and peppers at the same time. What's nice is that you can grow a variety of salad greens at one time. So you have leaf lettuces, Romaine, buttercruch, mesclun mix, arugula and even other things.
Couldn't you grow veggie inside with a grow light set up for a lot less money? Like in your basement or around a sunny window in your kitchen. As far as bugs go if you used purchased soil you wouldn't have bugs. Just wondering-- is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to