Am Proud to be an American

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In my mailbox today I was blown away. I had a folder that has on it OFFICIAL U.S. ARMY DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED. When I opened the enevelope and read my chest swelled with pride. I received a U.S. Army Freedom Team Salute Commendation, U.S. Army lapel pin and U.S. Army decals. The letter thanked me for supporting the troops in harms way overseas. I cried when I read the letter and appreciation certificate. Suppose to wear the lapel pin to be recognized as a US Army Freedom Team. My pin is on my shirt now and I am proud as a peacock. The certificate is signed by the General, United States Army, Chief of Staff and the Secretary of the Army.


NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God Love YOU!

Good Work you faithful servant!

Blessings and yes America Is Beautiful....
You have a heart that made and makes America a place to be proud of!

Nice feathers *lol Show them off!

Bless you and thank you for all your services you have provided for our families.



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You most certainly do deserve this and I am sure if asked our troops in harms way overseas would say you deserve a lot more.

God bless you and THANK YOU for all you do for our troops.


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Oh Dale, I don't know of anyone who deserves this recognition any more than you! What a great honor! You are truely a blessing to the troops defending this country. I can't say enough about how generous and kind hearted that you are. May God bless you for all you do.


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Dale this country needs to recognize more people like you. You are an inspiration to us all. We are all proud to know someone as special as you.


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Maybe I shouldn't have shared my joy with my friends at GF but I was so full of pride for my country. It's not about me but about the men and women that continue to do what they do so I can have my freedom.

There is not enough money I can spend to box up items to send the troops in harm's way overseas to show my appreciation for what they do for me every day.
I am proud too Dale, perhaps even more since my son Adam joined the Army and spent a year in Iraq. Within a year he is likely to be heading to Afganistan. I think that it has made me more patriotic. We carpooled to a mystery murder dinner on Saturday night and two of the young men were Iraqi vets. I think that the military builds character in them and teaches them respect and manners. They were two very nice young men. I was glad that I had something to talk with them about, as I was the only one of the 17 people who attended who was a non Volvo employee.
Anyone know how to attach a flag to a non wooden surface without damaging it? We have a new house and everything is vinyl or stone. I don't want to drill into the stone. We got a beautiful US flag when we were in Fort Benning for Adam's graduation. That was a few years ago and I have yet to fly it.
Thanks Kale for the inspiration, and congratulations!!


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Jade you may want to bury a big post in the ground to be able to put the flag holder on the post to fly the flag. Where there is a will there is a way. Hope you figure out how you can fly the flag.
I was hoping not to have to put a flagpole in, but find a way to hang our US flag and get a similar quality Canadian flag(Bruce is Canadian), so that we can both display our patriotism.
What do they make the posts on the porches these days out of? They aren't wood on the outside, I think that the whole thing is vinyl or something. Guess I should ask our builder.


Dale we know you do what comes from the heart, and we know it isn't done for praise
from man but I would like to say that your upright heart and help was noticed and to be recognized for a moment is an honor and inspiration to those that Love America and give in different ways.
Don't be discouraged nobody means harm.
I know what it is like to do somethign for someone then they offer you money.I insist I didn't do it for money but to help out, I am then usually forced to take the money,come home brokenhearted because I didn't do it for money I did it to help. I did it to serve someone with nothing in return in the present.
Someone I went to said "give me the money I'll take it."...Which only made things worse. I understand. I'm pleased to see a passion for America:D
And...we know that not many have that heart, time, resources or motivation to serve in this matter. It pleases us to see a faithful servant. We are pleased to know you will continue to serve those that make Our Freedom possible.
And we know that It is the heart that makes you American!

Job well done and pleased to know more then prayers are going to our
"Freedom Holders".

Yes we are Proud of our Troops and Service People, all of them before and present!
God Bless the USA!

What do they make the posts on the porches these days out of? They aren't wood on the outside, I think that the whole thing is vinyl or something. Guess I should ask our builder.
Jade if I'm not mistaken I think that there is a wood stud in the middle of your vinyl post.

Dale congrats and Thank you for what you do for our Troops!


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Dewey my husband went to Vietnam and came home not to a heroes welcome. I don't want our current war heroes to feel like the Vietnam Veterans did when they came home after their tour of duty. There are scares from that (my husband included) that no amount of love we give them can ever erasethe pain . I donate to helping homeless Vietnam Vets, remembering that by the grace of God that my husband is not one of those homeless. But those Vets are someones family and loved one.
Congrats and you should feel proud. At least this generation of soldiers will not be called baby killers and have to wait 30+ years for their welcome home is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to