Any Lime grower's?

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I couldn't resist the other day at a local nursery and came home with a Bearss
Lime tree. I plan on keeping it in a pot and already have its next "home" in mind.
It has a few baby limes on it, I can't wait for a fresh glass of limeade! Maybe have to wait until this fall but anyone in the area give me a jingle! Any one else growing limes? Off to read up on my new "baby"!

Kya D

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Wish I could but my DH would kill me if I hauled a tree into the house and it is far too cold here to leave it outside.
I have a solution to that....

I have a solution to that I picked up a pair of plant dollies at Harbor Freight for I think $10 for the 2 of them! Mine is already on one of them. I had to kick one of my Bird of Paradises off it, oh well. Now moving my big plants is a breeze & I don't have to rely on brute strength getting around to the honey - do - list.
My lime is a dwarf so it won't get to terribly tall.


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By golly, that's a good idea. There is a Harbor Freight store in Salem, just south of us a little bit. I'll be accompanying my wife down there on Friday when she visits and maybe she will let me go by there after her visit. Otherwise, I will have to make another trip. I have three half-barrels on the back porch and I want to get another one and plant rosemary (the herb) in it.


I will have my first dwarf lime and lemon trees in about a month..they will be seedling and I am really excited. Maybe we can share what we learn:)



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Citurs of all kinds are pretty much the same care levels. When you move your lime in for the winter remember to mist the leaves. They love high humidity and well drained soil almost to sandy. Watch for aphids as they love the citrus especially if they are kept inside. A little saopy water mix sprayed will kill them quick or if outside you can blast the tree with water and blow them away. Scale type diseases are another issue. Fruit tree oil is a great way to control these type problems. Look into they have a line of fruit and Citrus products;)
Hmm. I had no idea they liked humidity that may be an issue here in Glendale as our humidity level was only 5% yesterday. May have to come up with some kind of misting for it? Oh dear now I'm off to research misters....


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Is this all they need is more humidity ?

I have posted a thread about these earlier today and wish to find out more on what soils they like. Acid, Alkaline, Neutral ? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to