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April was set aside to help us become more aware of child abuse and educate us to help prevent the abuse on children. April starts the month off with April 1st, known as April Fool's Day. Don't fool yourself in believing that abuse doesn't happen because it does. Child abuse has no boundaries, it happens to families from all walks of life. We need to keep all children safe from abuse and neglect, helping them to grow up to be stable adults.
I can certainly get behind that. Some of the children my sister works with have been abused, and the numbers are staggering in just one small county in South Carolina. The little ones need our protection so much.
why do we only set one month aside to remember child abuse its a 24/7 365 day a year. we should be fighting for better laws to help these kids. in some states you only get a few years for child abuse, but in those state you can go to jail for a every long time for killing or abusing a animal now there some thing wrong with that law we need stronger laws and better ways to help ANY one who is abused no one has the right to abuse another person in any way that will harm them be it the mind or body. I worked with inter city kids for years and I saw what can happen to these young people after years of abuse, lets try and make it a every day thing to fight for better laws. I know lots of people don't like or want to talk about child abuse they think if you don't talk about it it will go away well its not going to go away until we all do some thing about it
I'm not saying its ok to abuse animals but when laws for them are stronger than for child abuse I just don't think its right
I posted the addy for my little site it need to be updated and some more work. we have been around for just a little over 15 years, our work is not just on line but in the real world too, we do what we can to help those who can't help them self. sorry about being on my soap box too long but this is some thing I feel very strong about

HUGS may not stop abuse but is sure can't hurt so PLEASE do what you can to help stop the abuse



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I like it when folks get on their soap box and have a passion for what they believe in. Posting the different awareness days and months is my way of helping to create awareness for the cares and concerns of others. Child abuse is a serious problem here and in other countries. We all need to be aware and concerned over these little ones' lives.
In almost 30 years in the child care business, I've seen it all. Always remember in your prayers each day the helpless little children.

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