April is National FROG Month

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Kya D

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We don't have many frogs here where I live but, please post if you have frogs in your yard, collect frogs, or any other frog related posts.:D :confused:
We had a TON of frogs (and toads) last year. They would get stuck in our basement window wells sometimes though...not pretty. There were some beautiful bright green ones. We have water drainage ditches on two side of our property and one corner that stays pretty moist so froggies just love that :)

Dora/Garden Goddess


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I love frogs and toads. I have toad houses everywhere around my yard. The frogs love my ginger and just to hang out on the deck in my potted plants. Spring peeprs are out now. I don't know how I would sleep if I didn't have my peepers.
I had a bumper crop of squirrel tree frogs last summer, and I have noticed they're already coming back. It was great fun spotting them everywhere. I used PVC poles to support some of the plants in the garden last year, and some of the frogs took up residence in the pools, they were so cute!

I like to call this picture "Welcome to our Alien Overlords!"

Great picture. My fiance has little tree frogs all over his property in the Catskills.Their bodies are smaller than dimes. He also has little red efts. They are bright orange miniature lizard type newts with flourescent red spots on their backs. About 2 inches long.
End of March through April and into May the frogs come to our pond to sing the night away and lay eggs. Last year I bought a large fish bowl and took a bunch of tadpools up to the small kids on the corner. They had a blast watching them grow and releasing the little frogs when they were ready. They have already come down to the house this month wanting their fish bowl filled again. ;) Love the froggies.



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We have frogs out in the back. It is such an awesome thing to sit on the back porch and listen to the night sounds. There is a time at dusk when the daytime birds get quieter and quieter until the last one makes its call. And by then, the night birds are stirring and joining with the other night sounds. It's a wonderful world.

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