April is national

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Kya D

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Lawn and garden month.
I think this is just too cool.:cool:
A whole month for celebrating lawns and our gardens!!!!!!!!:D :p


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That's cool! ( I always knew I was born in a cool month and diamond just happens to be the birth stone too ) :p

Kya D

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And diamonds to boot. That is kwel
What day is your B-Day?
My bouncing baby boy was born in April too. His B-Day is the 26th


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we have a lot of celebrating to do in April. Have company for a few days so April will be just fine to celebrate.


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I celebrate mine everyday!!! Lately the thought of paring down and even ( forgive me everyone) a condo has crossed my mind but then what would life be without my gadens? Boring! Uneventful! No fun! Very dull!


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I have a daughter born in April She was always flashing her birthstone ring at her sister when they were kids.


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I've thought of that too, Crabber. There are a couple of people at the nursing home that have little two foot long planters they work on. It isn't much, but at least it is something.
your right, Randy sometimes we don't. Th good Lord has help us to move into a house with a yard! We lived for a year in an apartment with no yard. Counting my blessings! :)
My youngest daughter will be 25 on April 26th. I'm so proud of her as she is an artist who makes a living doing what she loves. You can check her out at annaweberart.com click on portfolios and go from there.
Iam living in an apt right now and hating my life. This year I am going to try to plant a little garden in a small area between two patios, mine and my next door neighbors. The area is about 25ft long and 8ft deep, enough to do a couple of shrubs, perennials and some annuals. I just don't know what the management will think about it. This is a place I agreed to move into because they said that we would have a" community garden" but never came through with that or anything other amenity they promised. So I am going to take matters in my own hands and just do it.
Crabber if you have to make a change, just down size to a smaller house on a piece of property that you own, so you don't have to be subjected to any ones rules.

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