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Discussion in 'Bulbs' started by prr, Jun 4, 2016.

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    I just received an Asiatic lilly that has not been watered much lately, but still has plenty of green in the trunk and leaves, and a couple of blossoms.

    Instructions that came with it say it can be an indoor plant.

    I would like to pot it (or put it in the ground, not sure which). When would be the best time for this?

    Its pot is currently 6-7 inches tall and the same in diameter. It has four stalks coming out of the ground, each an average of 13 inches tall. There are a couple of whitish leaves at the top, and one of them has dried leaves along the bottom, but apart from that, they do look pretty healthy.

    Should I wait to repot them or plant them in the ground? Or can I do it now?

    Still not sure if I want these indoors or outdoors....
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    Hi Paul,
    They need to be planted outdoors in the garden.
    Need full sun.
    (since the pot was indoors you will need to harden it off in a bright shaded area for a few days then move it to a more sunny spot for a few days before planting)
    Pull the stems out of the pot and gently divide the bulbs from one will need to space the bulbs 6 or more inches apart so they will have room to grow and develop side bulbs.... Plant then around 6 inches deep...
    Since they are finished blooming the bulbs need to develop for blooming next year.
    Once in the garden you can fertilize them a few times to help them recover and store energy for next year.
    In the fall the stalks/stems will die down,
    Just clip them back ( leave a couple of inches above ground so you will see where they are next year) once they brown and leave them be.
    In the spring the bulbs will send up new stems which will bloom, usually early summer.
    In a few years you will need to dig the bulbs up and divide them and then replant, You can safely do this in late summer/early fall once the leaves on the stalks/stem yellow and fall off.

    Have fun!

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