Been reading some posts on here that Curbie shared with us all!!

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Spent alittle time going back to read some of the posts that Cubie had shared with us all the last few days! ( she was a beautiful soul ) I feel like she knew us all more then we knew that she did by reading her posts! ( I recall that I called her my other mother and I was her garden son afew times I wrote to her -- made her smile with delight that I did that there ) :):) Hope Mike is doing well now as well as her daughter,still have them in thoughts and prayers as losing a loved one will always never be forgotten! - Just alittle tribute here that I had done ( of sorts ) Miss ya Curbie ,but we know your spirit lives on around here and that your looking down with a smile or so on us all as well!! :):p:)


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She was so much fun on here. I do miss her and would like to do something to remember her and going back even father Courtney. Miss him also.


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She was so much fun on here. I do miss her and would like to do something to remember her and going back even farther Courtney. Miss him also.
OK, so a cute story about Courtney... I've been running a gardening forum for a VERY long time. We actually started back on GEnie, with dial up modems and a monthly fee to participate. Not only that, but there was a daytime surcharge of $6 per hour, back when $6 was a lot more than it is now. And that got you access at a blazing 9600 baud! No photos for you!

So, one day we were having problems with the forum, and we're talking to tech support. I told tech support about whatever problem Courtney was having at the moment. He replied "Well, not to be mean, but she's probably a sweet little old lady gardener who doesn't know much about computers..." Courtney (who was male for those who didn't meet him) went off on the poor guy. All about how, No HE wasn't a little old lady, and how he'd done system admin stuff for wherever, and he probably knew more than that guy did, and your system is the problem and here's why.... Funny as hell to watch that one unfold!


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Courtney knew so much about so many things. We learned to ask him if we could. He could help you with vegetables, flowers, trees, your computer (I had alot of trouble back then) I loved him. Miss him and Curbie.
Curbie was so funny. She started lots of threads and send everyone one on this site something at one time or another. She would tell us about how she only ate one m&m. She was a retired teacher and educated us on things. There was the time she went outside and slipped off her porch and ended up with black eyes. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to