Buggers getting my hostas and primroses

Discussion in 'Garden Bugs' started by Hikermann, Jun 12, 2016.

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    Have quite a few hostas, most of which are quite healthy -- but there are several that seem to be chewer-magnets; well-supplied with Buggetta pellets, etc., but that doesn't seem to faze the buggers; any suggestions what might be at work here and how to send them to some other nirvana? Thanks!

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    Hi Hiker!
    Slugs love them!
    Question: Do you water your plants daily?
    Constantly moist soil is a good breeding ground for slugs and other plant pests as well as molds and fungi.
    I found that not watering my hostas (unless they wilt) and depend on rainfall tends to keep slugs and other pests under control.
    Primrose and hosta do well with dry soil conditions.
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