Can anyone share tips on High Cholesterol

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I just found out that my LDL ( I think that is what it's called) jumped up 50 points to 197. It should be around 100. The dr put me on Liptor 10 mg and I have to go see a nutritionist.
Does anyone have tips on what foods I should eat, etc. I know to stay away from fats but have never really watched my diet.
I bought a box of clementines last night to eat. Had blueberry instant oatmeal for breakfast.
I know I have to eat more veggies and fruit and stay away from the sweets.
Any tips that you have, I would love to read. Thanks
Wow Laurie that's a big jump. Have you been more sedendary recently?

I've never really had to watch my diet either so I'm not much help here.

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Yes I have as I had surgery twice , once in May and was out of work for 2 months and again in Oct and went back to work in Dec.
Last time I had it checked was in Feb. Have to go back in 3 months. Wondering how long it will take to get an appt with a nutritionist.
Blood pressure and sugars are fine. My mom is on medicine for it too.
Going to try to get it down by diet and the lipitor then get off the lipitor


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Laurie, I took Lipitor for quite awhile, but finally asked my doctor if there was a generic drug that wasn't so expensive. He shifted me to Lovastatin and it has worked as well as the Lipitor. One thing you should probably do though is start getting into the habit of reading the nitrition labels on all the foods. That will list cholesterol and the fats in the food. Avoid all foods that have trans-fats in them. That is the worst fat for building cholesterol. Sometimes the nutrition information will say no trans-fats but then turn around and say the food contains partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. What has happened there is they are below the minimum that the USDA has mandated, but they still have some trans-fats there because of the hydrogenated stuff. Some of the foods are common sense foods. Things like bacon and pork sausage will have a pretty good shot of cholesterol. Poultry and fish are good things to lean towards. Lobster is really really bad for you. Don't ever eat it again. LOL

Laurie, one of the best things you can do for yourself is walk a lot. The better your blood is flowing the less bad cholestrol is apt to stick to the walls of your arteries.
Keep in mind that your good cholestrol levels will fall also while you are taking the meds to lower your LDL. Of course you know that HDL is the good cholestrol.

One of the most important recommendations is to cut your daily saturated fat intake from 10 percent to 7 percent. If you're on a 1500 calorie diet, that means you can have no more than 12 grams of saturated fat compared to 17 grams under the old rules. In food terms, that's about 2 1/2 homemade chocolate chip cookies. There is a long article on understanding Cholestrol in a new book I have. Would you like me to scan the chapter and send it to you? (Hope my scanner is working:eek:(. It really has some good, well researched information in it but is too long to type here:eek:)
Laurie, I was on Lipitor until my hubby died and I didn't have a health plan anymore. I couldn't stop taking my heart pills so I quit the colesterol pills. I watch my fat intake and eat more veggies, oatmeal, anything that's considered roughage is good. Salmon, chicken, turkey, any lean meat eg. cured ham. Eggs were considerd bad but now they're saying that it's ok. to have an egg a day. Whole grain breads, I don't care for them but they're better for you. Give up the icecream, except on special occasions, cookies store bought, you can make healthy cookies (oatmeal) only for a special treat. No potato chips, popcorn, unless it's air popped with no butter. Lots and lots of green veggies, the brighter or darker coloured the better. Want a snack, eat sliced peppers, celery, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower florets etc. If you want to dip them try Salsa. Watch your cheese intake. I don't eat cheese anymore. Hmm, I'll think of more later. It's late here and I'm off to bed. Night.
Hi Laurie,
My friend has had high colesterol, she even ate a very vegan clean diet for a year(she is on a heart study through johns hopkins)-- She tried a few different meds,, with side effects--SO she is now on a asian "Red Rice" capsule(I'll get her info).

Even eating a clean,,,clean clean diet-- all vegetarian/vegan diet her count was over 300-- the lipitor only lowered it 50 points.
Now on the Red Rice capsules,, and a 7 months total vegan diet it went down to below 100. Now she can eat--some treats-- and is feeling very well-
SHe also walks alot!!
She also teaches 2nd graders,, which keep her very active.


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I found out through our diabetes dietician that high cholesterol can also be hereditary, but that doesn't mean you don't do anything about it. It probably means you have to pay even more attention to the diet and exercise program.
I have struggled for years to get my numbers down.. I recently had them checked and I am doing okay, about 146 I think.

I am on lovostatin and it is working for me, plus I try to limit red meat, bad fats and sugars. Sometimes it is kind of boring. I am trying to find more chicken recipes.. you get tired of chicken all the time, some fish, although it is not my favorite, and turkey. You can use ground turkey for anything that you use ground beef for. In a meatloaf I mix the two and my family doesnt even know the difference! LOL

With the problems I have with my bone spurs and achilles tendon, walking ahs become painful for me, but I try to do as much moving around as possible.


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my high C is lots of fruits and is another good one, esp salmon......I read every label I buy......keep your sat fats below 2.5,(I shoot of 1.5) no trans.....if it has any trans dont buy it..........high fiber is good......oatmeal, lentils, beans of any liew of meats......cheese is bad, but I cannot resist sometimes.....unfortunately shrimp is very high, so do that sparingly, lobster is next....sorry......when I do eat lobster, I leave the butter off it.....on the subject of oils and butters, use smart balance butter or something like that, grapeseed oil, EVOO....(put some orange peel in it tee hee) oh, thats a private joke between laurie and I.....

the web has alot of info on high browse around the web.....


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there is a good book I read on high C....that helped fact I couldnt put the book even has recipes.

lower C in 8 days, by Richard Kowalski......think I spelled that right.....:D


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Laurie, I have a website also that the diabetic counsellor gave me where you can find out all kinds of nutritional information on just about any food. I'll look that up and either post it here or e-mail it to you.

Hi Laurie, hope you are feeling better after those surgeries & not hurting so much.
DH was on chol. lowering drugs, but we discovered from our pharmacist when waiting for Dr to call in refill that Niacin does the EXACT same thing without all those dangerous side effects - so he is now taking 500mg of Non-flushing Niacin 2x a day.


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make sure if you do the niacin thing, you take an aspirin first......about 1/2 hour before taking the niacin....Richard Kowalski will explain that in the book....there is also phytosterols you can take before you eat that block C from your body....laurie drop me a note and I can explain that to you....I get them from a vitamin co in oregon.....its all in Rich's book.....barnes and noble.....or
Most importantly too Mainey is to drink lots of water throughout the day as it helps to flush out the bad stuff. I have heard that grapes are bad - full of sugars - has anyone an opinion on that?


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i was going to buy a bunch of grapes tomorrow as they go on sale for 99 cents a lb and freeze some up to munch on.... hopefully randy will post that site so i can check grapes out before i buy a mess of them

I do try to drink lots of water. I wish I could carry it around with me at work as I would drink alot more. I drink a glass full when I have a flash at home so drink lots at
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My doc told me to take a low dose asprin and then niacin about 1/2 hour later. He also told me to take it at night so the flashes wouldn't be noticeable. I do that, but I got a time release niacin.
I get either quick or plain ole oats. I add my own brown sugar, walnuts, flax seed, fruit, or whatever to it. I've heard to drink orange juice with it to get a complete resource from it. The doc told me to cut back on salt, but I don't add it to anything anyhow so that's not too hard to accomplish. And I rarely use any oil. If I do it's usually olive oil. I fry very little, too. I use a lot of boneless skinless chicken breasts and salmon occasionally. The doc told me to cut back on processed meats and red meats, too.
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