christmas wreaths

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I finally figured it out today-- I"M OLD!! I use to be able to do many decorated wreaths in one day. Double sided 12 inch balsam wreaths come in 6 to a bundle, I use to be able to do 8-10 bundles in a day-- HOLYCOW,,,,,,,,,I'm old-- my fingers hurt and I only got 5 bundles done in 7 hours-- although I did make 240 bows-- hands are a hurting,, don't know if i can keep this up for the next 3 weeks!!LOLOLOL I"M OLD,,,,can some of you come help me!! pleaseeeeeeeeeee--
Is it happy hour yet??
I'm gonna get a cold beer and take a hot bath,, I might be in bed by 7pm-- I have to be back at work at 5am-- 4 tractor trailers of christmas trees will be arriving at 4am-- hopefully they will be unloaded by 7am!!OH JOY!!OH Christmas Joy!!!!Have a holly jolly christmassssssssssssssss!!!:eek:


Well, you have 5 more bundles done, compared to what I would get my are busy, busy, busy.............cheers.......:)
PSTTTTTTTTTTTT """MARY-JO""" come on over here,, let me show ya how to do a wreath-- It's a simple math problem
1 wreath
1 nice bow( red and gold french wire ribbon)
1 string of beads(gold for this one)
3 decorated pics( already made)
4 pine cones painted gold with a tiny bit of glitter
Wrap the beads around the wreath and secure with floral wire. Place the bow at the time--wire on tightly. Place the designer pics at 3oclock, 6 oclock, and 9 oclock. Wire the pinecones inbetween the pics.......AND POOFFFFFFFFF your done!!
Now you can help me!!
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brassi...........sorry to cut you short, but while on here, I heard water, where there shouldn't be water.................OYE.........the dishwasher was leaking down to the basement here, and of course hubby wasn't home, so had to track him down..............things are running freely once again...........:)

Where do you get the floral wire from? Any bigbox store?
Every year, your little "garden hat" goes up at Christmas time, the one I recieved from you when we did gift exchange on GG........:D

Well, these instructions seems to be easy enough, but where do you find the time? Right.........its your look forward in seeing your pics........


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I posted this elsewhere, but didn't notice a reply:

Speaking of wreaths, anyone know how I could buy or make a very heavy duty wreath frame? I'm looking for something really strong...
Yes, Bob you did. And I forgot to answer. Ok size is an issue. When I need a very large frame, something beyond 36", I usually use 3/8 or 1/2 inch plywood. I cut out a ring with a width of 3 " plus. If its to be larger than 4 feet obviously, I need to cut segments and then marry them. I simply staple the greens on the ring. You can buy large segmented wreath frames ( but they are rather expensive and you need to wrap them using wire unless you invest in a machine. If you go the plywood route, get an electric arrow stapler or you'll have blisters on your fingers big time.

I don't make many of the big ones here in Virginia, but growing up in NJ I used to make a10 footer for the Pedericktown National Bank and a 16 footer for for the Delaware Memorial Bridges Administration Building every year. Yes I started at a very young age in a family business. Now if you want to see a really big wreath (Guiness world record) check out that kelco site.
Yes Brassi, I find I am slowing over time, too. I make my wreaths from scratch. My mixed evergreen wreaths are by far my best seller. I'll make 100 to 200 per season along with a couple hundred centerpieces and other novelty items. I gave up wholesale a few years ago as I decided I wasn't going to kill myself till 2 am in the shop for the low margin. No craft shows anymore either.

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