Colorado pictures

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I'm sorry it's taken me so long to upload these pictures... No excuse except I just haven't seemed to have much get up and go lately... Anyway, here are just a few pictures I took last week in Colorado... The last picture is a little red fox that let me get within about 20 feet of it... I took tons of pictures, but to upload any more would be an exercise in redundancy except the ones I took at church and the ones for the new COFA (Christian Outdoor Fellowship of America) brochure...Hope you enjoy... Dave
P.S. Hope you don't mind clicking on the thumbnail pics...


It was interesting... He didn't seem to mind me getting so close... He did have a hurt paw or leg which may have been part of the reason... He was probably very hungry...
Seems to me that a fox would have pretty stiff competition out there what with the bears, abundant mountain lions, coyotes etc... Camping out there in 2007 I ran into a mountain lion and there are ALWAYS bears around bugging you... :eek:


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Dave as usual I love your pictures. Don't mind clicking on them one bit. Always worth the effort. Love the little fox. Not sure why I am always partial to the little guys. TFS
Thanks everyone... Hey, for some strange reason I am not getting email notification of replies to subscribed posts, so if someone asks me a question or something, please feel free to IM or email me... I checked my settings and I do have it to where I am supposed to get the notifications, but I'm not... Dave
Colorado looks a lot like our mountains out here. When we lived out in the country, just a few miles from where we are now. There was a little kit fox that came in trying to teach here babies how to hunt. My dad had some little turkeys and geese, and my boys had some little malards. The lamb that my son had for his FFA project was small. She brought them in to the back of the pasture and was just waiting for someone to leave. My son was so worried that he put up a tarp and spent the night out there by his lamb!!! She was pretty and the babies were so cute.
The lady who owns the land where I deer and coyote hunt told me about a fox den last year... I set a trail camera overlooking the den and got some great pictures of the little kits... Click on the fox to see the whole page...


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Great pics. I have always wanted to go west for a visit. I made it to Oklahoma last year. We did see mountains and lakes but it was all the tourist stuff. And it was so cold we couldn't go hiking with the babies. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to