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Discussion in 'Photo Gallery Discussion' started by bob, Apr 25, 2014.

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    You might have noticed I said the photo gallery has some really cool features. Well, tonight I was able to use one of them to show off another one.

    I found out that it can import photos from the forum. So all of those photos that were hidden away in old posts can be imported. That's pretty cool.

    But the other feature is even better! You can now have your own albums in a category. Now I realize that you may not be sure what an album is and what a category is and how they differ. Think of the category as a bookshelf for a certain subject, and the albums as, well, a photo album. Oh, and you can create more than one, so you can have one for flowers, one for veggies, one for birds, whatever.

    In any case, it's easier to just show you. So check out these two new albums:
    Photos from Wombat's Flower Garden: (Photos by @Wombat )
    Photos from CrabberGirl's Landscape Project: (Photos by @Crabbergirl )

    I've created a "Photos of YOUR Garden" category, and you can create your own photo album there to show of your garden. One of the folks I talked to before purchasing the gallery said he thought it was a lot like Pinterest, and I think he's right. It has categories and personal albums, so you can show off a collection of your work.

    Only have a couple photos of a certain subject? Don't want your own gallery for that subject? No worries, we have general categories too, and you can add your photo to those if you'd prefer.
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    Hi Sam!
    How is the rose bush coming along! Time is coming with cooler weather when you can move it, or wait until late winter/ early spring.

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