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  1. grammat

    grammat New Member

    Anyone know if creosote from the chimney is good for anything? Is it akin to zeolite (used to bind up the "bad stuff" in the soil)? If it is we've got a few places we can use it. Been throwing it away all these years. Thanks!
  2. latebloomer

    latebloomer Active Member

    Hi there and welcome.
    I'm not sure of its chemical properties but was told by my local fire department not to put it into my compost pile. They said ash was fine but creosote was a no-no.
  3. grammat

    grammat New Member

    Yeah...I googled it. I'd forgotten that, in liquid form it's the stuff they put on telephone poles and railroad ties to preserve them. Guess I'll throw it away. Thanks for checking on it for me.
  4. Kya D

    Kya D Active Member

    I wouldn't try to introduce it into my garden or my yard.
    I would for sure just pitch it.

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