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I've been looking for a easy way to make pickles, with out all the work, I was told there a easy way to do it, but can't find a recipe any where on the internet, I have my Mothers recipe but it takes forever to make and its to much like work :rolleyes:
Thanks for any help you guys can give


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I have a couple also but they require soak time between cleaning and canning.
Try going to your grocery store and see if in they have Ms. Wgaes I used it all the time and then it was no longer available here. It was a really fast easy deal and you could buy the pack od mix for a buck or 2. If you can't find something you want to use let me know I will see if I can dig up a quick easy recipe for you.


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I have two recipes, but like Crabber, they do take some soak time and rinsing. One os from the Ball Blue Book and the other id from Heinz, the supplier of vinegar and other stuff.
I have the recipe for sweet pickles that are made with dill slices. Very easy to do and oh so good. A little sweet and a little sour. Very crunchy. The only thing is they are very addictive.


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When I make pickles now I use Mrs.Wages mix to. I really like the B&B and the Kosher Dill mix. It is so easy and fast. I couldn't find Mrs. Wages at the stores a few years ago and I went onto their web site and ordered some. Since then I can find it in all the stores around here.


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I use Mrs Wages too. I soak cucs in lime water (also Mrs Wages) overnight, it makes them crisp. 3 rinses after that, then pack in jars and cover with the Mrs W. mix, either sweet, dill or kosher dill. I use the same recipe for some sweet pickled summer squash.
The mix is simple, add vinegar and water and bring to a boil for dills. Sugar is added for sweet pickles.
Maggie, I also ordered online when it wasn't to be found in the grocer. This stuff makes it very simple and it's good.


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i have tried several ways of making dill pickles...I was known as Aunt Bea's pickles..
ii tried the Mrs Wages also...still not up to my likeing...plus alot of work...
l a few years ago my old neighbor, who is in his 80's ...whom by the way his grandmother and mother both did their pickles this way and had no troubles...I know some will say you can not go with our hot bath...but i have now done this for two year and they really are the best pickles i have ever had...
Dill Pickles
Boil together:
3 cups vinegar (white)
5 cups water
1/2 cup canning slat
1 Tablespoon sugar

In Jars Put:
2 to 3 small pearl onions
1 bay leaf
1/4 teaspoon mustad seed
pack your cucks in the jar
add 2 cloves garlic
1 piece of dill
1 to 2 grape leaf

Pour boiling hot liquid over cucks abd seal
Invert (turn upside down)
leave them there until cooled...out of any breeze..
Stor for at least 6 to 8 weeks to cure

you can use the brine that is left over for your next batch if you keep inn fridge and make more with in a week..

sence i have made mine this way and i moved up here to Lyon's several of the old timers...(They call them selves this...so imean no disrespect)...said this is how they do their's also


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Hope everything is okay down there. Yesterday I was thinking about giving you a call to see if you were okay.
Flowers-----the way I make my pickles is somewhat similar. Only difference is in the recipe and I have never inverted them. But may try that next time. Have only "lost" a very few and the pickles are much more crisp than when I "processed" them!
I do invert my jams & jellies ----but only for 5 minutes.
I found a recipe once that was "Kool Aide Pickles"...I thought they sounded gross and tried making them and honestly, I liked them. They say in the deep south, the children would buy them at local stores as a real teat. I used the cherry kool aide.


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gonepostal...when you invert them they get a good seal and thus no bactria...I use to do my jams this way many years ago...but I hotbath those as no vinager in them..better safe for me than sorry...but if i do a hot bath for the pickles they get mussy ...and i do not want to sock them in lye.... for me any way not an option...glad to hear others do this :)


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Hope everything is okay down there. Yesterday I was thinking about giving you a call to see if you were okay.
I am hanging in there kind sir...heart is still going off and they had no answers for it...but i do have energy again until about 3 every day and then it is like some one unplugs me...sorry Phillip and I never made it that way last month ...I was not allowed to drive for several weeks there....I am now though...and he is to be back at the end of July and fist part of Augs...so hope to catch ya...I miss oyu and MF :) thanks for thinking of me


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I figured something was going on. Glad you are doing better and we will see you when you can make it. We still need to make it down there too though.

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