Fiddle-leaf (ficus lyrata) not absorbing water

Discussion in 'House Plants' started by Sicksockdiva, Mar 4, 2017.

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    hi! My fiddle-leaf I just purchased from Home Depot 3 weeks ago is suffering. The leaves are drooping and dropping. I gave it a a couple weeks to get acclimated to our home. I have not repotted and can clearly see it is root bound! I've read Spring is the best time to do so. I live in NJ and we are still in winter. Not sure if I should repot now based on the problem. The problem is the soil is extremely dry. When I give her a shower the water runs right through her drainage holes. Clearly not absorbing any water. The water meter reads dry! The soil feels and looks very dry. I've tried poking some holes in soil but afraid of damaging roots so only did a few. I read maybe hydrophobic. What should I do to save her?
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    Ssdiva welcome to our forum!
    If you have bucket, place the plant in the bucket, and fill it with warm water. the plant and soil may want to float so use some bricks to hold it down in the water....let it soak for a good hour! Then lift it and let the excess water drain.
    Problem is that the soil is more then likely mostly peat moss and peatmoss is a pain to get to absorb moisture once it dries out too much.

    Hopefully the plant will recover...
    In a few weeks you can repot it to the next size up!

    Remember that ficus family love a consistently moist soil.
    Let the top inch of soil dry out before rewatering, and drain well.
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    Thank you!
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    You are very welcome!

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