Funny pet tricks

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So what kind of interesting pet tricks has your pet done TO YOU?

I will start. My calico cat Tulip loves to follow me around the yard when it is nice our and many times she will meow at me to pick her up and carry her around with me. Yes she is spoiled rotten! Well there was a time this last summer were I was not wanting to pick her up, it was early morning and i was in my PJs and just walking around the yard our front looking at the flowers. Well Tulip did NOT like that I was ignoring her. So she jumped up and grabbed ontp my pajama pants and pulled them down! Boy was I ever glad none of my neighbors were outside at the time..LOL I guess I should not ignore the QUEEN




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Not my pet but my neighbor's cat Sam. Sam fell in love with me on the first day we moved here. Whenever I worked in the garden Sam would rush over and do figure eights around my ankles until I picked him up and gave him a hug and a good belly scratch. I’ve never been what you’d call a big fan of cats. I don’t dislike them I’m just not crazy about them. Sam was different. He demanded love and he got it. It didn’t take him long to win my heart. I can’t tell you now many times that cat tripped me. Every time he did I’d end up sitting on the lawn giving him a good scratch. I cried like a baby when he passed away two years ago and I still miss him when I garden.
RR that is to funny, cats do know how to get what they want. My cat has me well trained and is very demanding that I preform my tricks when she wants me to.There is no waiting until I feel like doing it. She has taught me to open the door to let her out by first talking to me and if I don't respond immediately then she will pick at the living room chair where she gets me to talk( Missy don't do that) and then I go straight to the door and open it. When she wants fresh water she will jump up on the hamper in the bathroom and pick at it until I come in and fill her water bowl with fresh water (I keep her water bowl on the bathroom vanity) the bowl will have water in it but she wants it freshened. She's a very good Human trainer. I wish I could get her a job training other cats humans.

Bernie Missy was a Ferrel cat, and lived outside with a family of 2 mothers and 6 kittens, their home base was on a neighbors property up the road from me, but they would cross my property every day to go hunting on the wooded property next to me. They would walk in formation with the 2 mother cats in the front of the line and the 6 kittens following in a straight line behind them, they were all Tuxedos. when ever I was in the yard during their parade Missy would brake the line and come over to me for kisses and hugs and then she would run off to catch up with them. It was so cute, the only way I could tell her from the group was that she has a white spot on her hind leg. After they were all grown she started hanging out on my property and after awhile she decided to move into the house.
My cat China Berry brought me a baby bunny, hairless and new. She dropped it on one of my feet. 5 minutes later she brought me part of the nest. I gave the bunny to an animal rehabilitator.


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We have a Sam here too. He/she is also a feral cat, but I feed him and a calico every day. I have been feeding Sam for about 3 years and he won't run away from me now, but I doubt he will ever tolerate too much nearness. The calico doesn't hiss at me now when I bring the food out, but he/she doesn't like me too close. We have three inside kitties that are a whole different ball game. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to