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Marie....I am glad you finally made it...No I do not think you have meet Linda...she is a great person, I have known her a year or so two will hit it off I am sure...
Again I say I am thrilled Fritz was not hurt any worse...Welcome Welcome Welcom my friend..


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Hey Marie it is great to see you on. I've been cleaning and getting the Christmas stuff out again. I don't know why I'm in the mood so early this year. I am almost through with this semester. I have two more classes to finish. I got my English class finished early. I pulled an A in that class. It was my favorite of this semester. I had a great teacher. I will have her again next semester as I'm taking World Lit from her. I ended up dropping Spanish. I just couldn't keep up. Oh well. On to other classes. I still have a Psyc class and a History class. I think I'm getting pretty good grades in both of them.
I'm looking forward to going up to see Sherri Becca and Jamie. Of course the boys too. Curtis is in pre-k and head start this year. he loves school. Cameron is still home with Mommy. He really wants to go to but he is only 2.
marie, I am so sorry to hear about the accident...but I am thankful he wasnt hurt worse.

YES, we have our tree daughter (16) works at a tree we always get it fresh, and cut right from the farm...and it always looks good even when we take it down...I dont like them from a tree stand.We will be decorating it tomorrow night.

It sounds like a lot of cleaning going on..anyone want to come and help me with mine? LOL

I hope you all have a wonderful night !


Tree not up here have a few decorations out, but need to get the rest............I need I am sure I jinxed myself.....and that storm will probably bring us way too much............

Marie......Glad to hear Fritz wasn't hurt anymore then he was........oh, its sounds like you had a lovely time with everyone together.........


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Marie, sorry to hear abour Fritz's accident. glad he wasn't hurt any worse. Glad you had a wonderful time with all your family. I know how much you enjoy them all being there at once.
Lyn, so glad to hear you are doing well in school and that you like it.Not sure I could go back to school, dont' think I could get into studying again.
Baking today, had 28 bananas given to me so making 9 loavesof banana bread. Could have more but I think that is enough. Will put a couple in the freezer to give out at xmas. They freeze well. My boss loves it so always make him a loave or two when I make it, I bet my mom had over 200 bananas given to her, they were going to throw them out and she said don't people can use them. She gets them all the time once they have turned somewhat brown and they don't sell well at the farm stand. She makes banana bread and brings it to the farm stand for them to munch on. She made them pies for Thanksgiving.


Oh, you happen to have one of those loaves handy.......sounds so good............I could handle a piece right now........:)
Good early morning Ladies and Gents.. Sorry I haven't gotten back. Been going, cleaning and you know the rest of the story.. But got to pop in before i retire to bed.. And it's late. But wanted to chat a minute..

Debe,, thank you so much for your Prayers.. We said good bye to the first group of men and women Sun. And they should be in Afghanistan thur or Fri. I think. They appreciate all the Prayers they can get.. And so easy to

And Marie-Frog..So sorry to hear about Fritz. Hope the Dr checks him out good, and sending him a get well soon hug.. And so your from Victoria Tx..???? Well hun,, I am from Tx. myself, And my home town isn't far from you.. Have you ever heard of a small town near you named Lolita Tx. ? Thats where I am from. Still have family there, Ganado, Edna, La Salle, Shiner, Gonzales, Yokum, Stockdale, Cureo, and Ezell.. Isn't this a small

And all of you sound like ya'll had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did and ate just to much.. And just think Christmas is right around the corner.. I am ready for it. Got 6 more strands of lights to put on my porch, And I will call it finished for Christmas. Tree's up , decorated,(thanks to DNL ) and done.. I will make a few things for the great neighbors I have here in Ky. And one neighbor come by to see if we would join the neighborhood for a get to know you dinner. And ofcorse,, I said yes. Just love this time of got a little snow today, and sleet,plus rain. The temp now on the front porch is reading,20,, And it sure feels it. Thank goodness for free gas. lol..

Laurie Banana bread sure does sound good right now With a cup of coffee,, yum--yum... I need to get some banana's to make some ,, Forgot about bread for the holidays,,

And Lyn,, yes good your doing well in school. Your grades are excilent..I don't know if I could handle school now at my age. Now my Aunt.. She didn't want to graduate from college.. Just loved

Hello MariJo.. good to see you.
Everyone,, have a joyful day. Will be back to visit later.. Linda
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Man I'm going to be lost if I have to go back to work tomorrow
What am I going to do with out all this laughter that I'm used to from here....


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How wonderful though Laurie...this one seemed to heal up much all the pain and such will be just a fast fading memory for you...have a good day at wwork...don't over due though


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I do have to go back to work in the am. Just getting home, stopped by my cousins on the way home and time went by too fast,noticed that it was 8:45 and went oh no, I've got to go, I've got an hrs drive yet before I'm home. Needed gas too. I'll never made it to work at 7am. It's 10pm now. Night everyone.
Good morning all you grand gardeners. Wanted to stop by and say Hi.
Hope everyone has a good at home or work. Take care and hope to get in here earlier than I have,

Have a grand day.. Rain or shine.. Linda
Hi Deb..I like to meet new friends.My mom said I was a people person. Never meet a stranger.. And she was Crofton is about 22 miles north of Hopkinsville Ky.. I am about 80 miles or so from In. and Ill. We are below In. And you, I don't think is that far to the right of me I get so turned around sence we moved from you have a good day.Will be back after shopping,, Dreading this chore ,,lol.Bye for now..Linda
Ok! I went thru your area on the way to visit Prettylady in Calhoun...y'all are about an hour apart. And you're maybe 3 hours from me!
Hope your shopping goes well.
Nice Read..very informative thread too. Especially on wreaths and halos:D

Please would someone post information on how make a banana loaf?
Suzanne,, If you post over on the recipe forum. I bet Debe or one of them will share a wonderful Banana bread recipe with you..I don't have any of my recipes with me at the moment. But some one will help you.. Hope you get one, If not,, let me know, I will get one to you some where..Good luck hun..

Hey Deb. No I'm not far from you at all. We were thinking about going to Gettesburg Pa. around the Christmas Holidays, But not for sure yet. Do you know if they have lots of decorations there during the holidays. Sure like going there. Went back in 2006, Had a lot of fun.

Everyone have a Blessed Thursday,, Christmas times a coming.. Linda
We were thinking about going to Gettesburg Pa. around the Christmas Holidays, But not for sure yet. Do you know if they have lots of decorations there during the holidays. Sure like going there. Went back in 2006, Had a lot of fun.
Never been there, Linda...but would like to go. My boss is a Civil War buff, loves all that stuff, and is headed there in the Spring. I'll just bet they have things all decorated! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to