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Well, I'm up and running, or perhaps I should say my "maters" and "omins" (grandson's pronunciation) are up and running... I also planted a raised, wide row of carrots a couple of days ago... It's been cold and wet and we are forecast to have snow showers for the next few days, but the Wall-O-Water jackets have the tomato plants nice and warm and growing like crazy... It never fails to amaze me how these work. Even if the water in them is solid ice, they still keep the tomato plants warm... If you look close, you can see my tomato cages laying end to end there... That is to keep Winnie The Poo-ch, my black lab mix OUT OF THE GARDEN!!! Dave


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Well I guess I am going to cheat and buy some large tomato plants. The nursery I buy from will have tomato plants in gallon pots next week. Can't wait to get a fresh tomato. Going to start some squash and cucumbers in pots today. Happy Gardening everyone.


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I am going to start some cucs plants in my flower beds in a few days. I went by Lowe's but decided to not buy them there. I will go to the feed store to pick up some. I picked up some potting and garden mix to start patio tomatoes and some herbs in pots later today or tomorrow.
Heh, gotta love those lab crosses!

We have a possible frost and/or freeze Monday and Tuesday night, so I'm fighting the urge to plant. I'll be bringing the peppers and small tomatoes back inside from the cold frame Monday night. My Republican petunias (Laura Bush Petunias ) will be fine, but the Blood Flower is a tropical plant, and the large tomatoes won't like it, either. I'll put a couple of lights in the cold frame to keep the temps from dipping too low.


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I was over at the farm store today to pick up some posts and I saw some straightneck squash seeds on the rack along with another pepper that I have never planted, a pepperoncini. I'll get a few of those plants started and have them ready by Memorial Day.


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Aw Dave I was thinking of Disney when I saw that first pic of Winnie. She looks wonderful and I'm sure she is a great pal to you. Those grandbabies look so sweet.
My peppers and tomatoes are in the greenhouse too. I'm putting my faith in you and going to see if I can find some water walls next week. Our last frost date isn't until May 15th but if they work for you there's no reason they can't work for me. Can't wait for the first tomato sandwich of the season. I share everything from my garden but heaven help anyone who touches that frist tomato. LOL

Dave I know I wrote down the name of the carrots you advised I get but I cannot find it. Would you Please tell me what they are again.
They sure do Bernie... Burpees has them if you don't find them locally... The last time we went to Hawaii it was 16 degrees when we left for the airport and I told her that if they make it fine, and if they don't I'll just have to get transplants... When we got home, the plants were just fine.. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to