Goodnews over Cris!!

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As many of ya have kept Cris in your prayers/thoughts,I have some goodnews to report over her. She has been in ICU for several days,but now she has been moved into a semi-private room. She is coming along just fine and if she continues to do well,she will be able to go home at the end of this week. They have changed her medication and things seem to be doing there job pretty well. I went and visited with her earlier and she told me that last night was the best she ever slept in a hospital!:p Cris looks alittle tired yet,but I'm sure that when she gets around her own doings and sleeping in her own bed, she will say goodbye to that tired look! She will have some doctor visits after she's home,I'm sure! But the girl's becoming herself again and those little hugs I give her from time to time,have a special little meaning behind them now too!! Thanks so very much for praying for her and it was so sweet that you took an interest in her when I joined afew days ago! I realize,some here know me from another place and were aware of this situation I was faced with. Reading what I did and knowing you all kept her in your thoughts/prayers and still are btw, just helped make me feel that I was more then welcome here! Thanks gang!!! :)


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Great News! Hey Phil has Cris ever tried Biofeed back therapy? I don't know the first thing about it but I recently heard that it's helpful for people like Cris.
She will remain in my prayers.
I am so glad to hear your good news on Cris. It is so unnerving when some one in your family is going through a health issue, no matter what the issue is. I am sure you are breathing a sigh of relief. Hugs to you.


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Sweet News!!

Cris gave me a call earlier today and told me that she was home from the hospital! ( my day was made brighter ) She sounded tired,but she's on the road to becoming herself again and that's like having a gift in and of itself to me knowing the girl's gonna become stronger again too!!
Thanks so much for your prayers/thoughts over her again too!!
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