Greetings and Serenity

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Hello guys and gals, 'tis ol' Whit here that a few of you have known from other garden sites and if you do you know my ending.................Serenity!


Hi Whit............good to see you...........can you believe all the familiar names here? Its great!
My Dearest Cool Whip King,
I'm wishing you and your family a delightful holiday!!Glad to hear your chipper voice and see your computer smile.!
La Chow Cab'bage!


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Here you are! I was looking for you. Great to be back with old friends. Look forward to reconnecting
Have a great Thanksgiving!


Hi Whit!
You did post Excellent!
Now we dont have to wait any longer!

Welcome and thank you !



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By the way folks, Whit is pretty much to blame for this forum... :)

I'd been thinking of starting things up again for quite a while now, but I didn't know how to get it touch with the gang that used to hang out at GG. I quickly lost interest in the new site, and so I didn't really know how to reach anyone these days. Without a "critical mass" of people to get a forum rolling, you have a real hard time getting it off the ground. Kind of like the old junior high dances where everyone just stands around looking at one another. (Well, that's how they were in my day. Judging by the look of kids these days, they may not be quite so shy...)

So... Along comes Whit and his daily "serenity" posts. For some reason it hadn't really dawned on me that Whit was from GG. I guess I'd just never really thought about it.

Then one day Whit sent out a photo of a puppy or something like that, and mentions that it's from one of his old friends from a gardening forum that everyone used to hang out it. Suddenly I realized that Whit knew enough of the old GG bunch to get things rolling.

I asked him to put out the word, and the response I got back indicated there was plenty of interest. In particular Laurie grabbed the ball and ran with it, rounding up a bunch of folks and pestering me to get the thing going already. I spent a couple of weeks putting the pieces in place and getting things ready.

Well, we opened a couple of days ago, and true to her word Laurie showed up with a bunch of her friends, who brought more friends, who are telling more friends... Meanwhile, Whit just sent out an e-mail to his group of gardeners.

So, I'd like to publicly thank Whit and Laurie for helping me get this thing started, and I'd like to thank the rest of you for showing up and pitching in. Thank you everyone...

(Hey, what a great post for the Thanksgiving Holiday!)
I was more than happy to help out. Notice was also sent to 59 garden buds who were a part of another online garden community known as Garden Escape. It had an incomparable chat room format...........I never seen another to match it.........and after the demise of GE we remained in contact through my daily emailing of "What Whit Has Learned". There are some of the GG gang who still receive those short, thought provoking messages. Some day it would be great to bring together in this site both the GG buds and the GE buds....................then.................maybe not........LOL!

Bob, we need a "laughing" emicon.


Hi Smilie!
We are far....Thanks for asking...

Now go back and read my post to you in your thread!*LOL and when doing so ...Smile:) Missed you.

Great name ...
Nearly used it but remembered you of course...

Why certainly, Sir it is me, Kale! LadyK:)

Thanks for the invite!
Mainegal called me too!

Sheesh I missed it too, just like Smiley did. Hi, Sprouting (kale)! Both you and Veg had me stumped. Ok! Kale is Sprouting and Veg is Flowers. Did I get that right? :) I stick to my old name as I'd probably forget my new one. ;) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to