Ground Cherries

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I would like to try some of these.
I do not want alot as I have never had any, just something to see if it's something I do want. So I am not asking for alot of seed. Just enough to have a few plants.
If anyone has any to send me, let me know.
From what I have found they should do alright here in TN for the climate.

Kya D

Active Member
I think you could buy tomatillos in the grocery store. That way you would know for sure if you like em.
I don't have any seed or I would be glad to send some to you.
I am thinking about trying these this year too.

I have seen packets for sale both on Seed Savers Exchange and Johnny's Selected Seeds.

SSE was less expensive (less than $2 for the packet) and OP where Johnny's was an F1 hybrid and between $2 and $3 for the packet.

I've never ordered from SSE but have from Johnny's and I'll order from Johnny's again.


New Member
If you have not found any and want to try some I did find some today. I would be more then willing to send ya half.
Packet dosen't say to much.
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