Growing Clivas from seeds

Discussion in 'Annual Flowers' started by Swerwer, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Swerwer

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    How many of you have clivias. Thous that have clivias have you grow them from seeds or did you bay the plant.
  2. JohnnyStevens

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    I had propagated clivias from seed. Their bright blooms burst forth in September and instantly banish the last lingering traces of the winter blues. Wash the seeds with an anti-fungal solution or a weak solution of dish washing liquid and water. Fill a seed tray with coarse, damp river sand. Push the seeds into the medium so that about 50% of their surface is above ground. Sprouting should be within 6 weeks. The seedlings are slow-growing, and can remain in their containers for about two years before they will be strong enough to plant out. dig this.
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    Hi Johnny! Thank you for sharing about growing clivias from seed!

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