Happy Birthday Dancer36!

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Happy Birthday, Teri! I hope you have a wonderful birthday, a wonderful year, and an abundance of flowers and blooms, along with much prosperity, good health, and a year WITHOUT HURRICANES!!!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day!;):D


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Thanks everyone. I just came back from plant shopping. I got 15 hybrid lily's, a peace lily, some snap dragons, potting soil and peat pots. I'm going to start sowing my seeds this weekend.


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Happy birthday Terri, sounds like you wrapped up on garden goodies! Gardening stuff makes the best birthday gifts... I'm envious!!!


Super Moderator & vegemm
Staff member
Happy Day After your Birthday...!!!What a Wonderful blessing for you to go plant shopping for your B-Day! Enjoy!!!!
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Kya D

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Happy Happy Birthday Teri!!!!!!!!
May you have a great year of abundant harvest and good cheer

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