Happy birthday, treeman!

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May you have a Great Birthday!

May all your trees grow strong!
As you sing your favorite song
What could it be, go wrong
When friends do come along!

Happy Birthday Treeman
Happy tree planning:)
I'm sending you a tree and a pic of me!

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Happy Happy Birthday Wes
Hope you have an awesome day and get to enjoy it and not have to work all day..
Well, thankyou all. I did have a nice birthday yesterday. I capped it off at our annual UM Mens dinner and Christmas party for wives and widows of our church. Some mischievous mouse let it out to the entertianment (a very talented family I lined up), so I was treated to a rousing round of Happy Birthday. (I'm definitely taking Ann to the Texas Steakhouse for her birthday.) Any way itr was a nice day.... cold but nice.


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Ah Wes, SO sorry to be late...Sounds like oyu had a great day...and what a way to top it off...HAPPY BEST YEAR TO COME!!!!


treeman.......gosh, here is another belated birthday wish.......sounds like you had a great day.............HAPPY BIRTHDAY:)

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