Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

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Wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Praying that you all have a nice safe one.
Some of my thanks have been granted as many old friends are back in my life :D cause of this forum
Thank you BOB :D


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AMEN Sista! Thanks Laurie, for the warm wishes. Back at you! I envy you having your nephew so close. I am missing my babies.

My wish to all is that you have a warm and healthy Thanksgiving with your families. May God Bless and keep you.


Here's to a Wonderful Thankful Time for all of us...

oops Sproutling...


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[Here's to a Very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here. I hope you and your families and friends have a wonderful day
I'll be out of the area and away from the puter for a couple of days --


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Happy Thanksgiving everyone
We are sharing the day with old friends from Tucson ..
They drove 1500 miles for dinner how special is that..
Enjoy your day.


HAPPY THANKGIVING ..............everyone.......hope everyone has too much turkey/ham...dessert, etc...............lol.........do enjoy the time with family and friends, and if your driving, please have a safe trip..........:)

Ours was back in Oct., and boy did I overeat............:)


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I don't know about you guys, but our dinner was FABULOUS (know why?)
Hubby cooked the entire meal!! Yahoo!!! Can I get an Amen out there!

I do hope everyone had a wonderful day, and plenty of food to go around!


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I hope you ALL had a wonderful Thanksgiving ! It was a nice one here, and the food all turned out well.

It was a year to have a lot to be thankful for...

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