Hello from up north

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I think I know you....:)

Welcome to the best gathering that will last as long as you do...:)

May you enjoy your stay...:)

Hi ThWoods do I know you from another site? I can't remember where but I do remember the name. Welcome to GF,this is a very friendly place with wonderful new and old friends. Hope to see you around the threads.


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Hi T, glad to see you again. I invited a few other friends too. Hopefully they will join us as well. Mariposa and Rosie are here also but haven't posted yet.
I know you'll feel right at home, see you in the forums.


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Theresa, I just registered last evening. I looked through the member list and saw some people that are old friends. I won't go through the list, but there is a passel of them. Anyway, I would like to welcome you also.

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