Help with heleborus

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Kya D

Active Member
I am ordering some helebours and would like to find out how to propagate them. Cuttings, seeds, do they multiply Or what?????
Thanks in advance for the help.


Super Moderator & vegemm
Staff member
I also love these plants...I do not have any as yet...but they dry so wonderfully when pressed.....keeping their color so well..

Kya D

Active Member
I have never had these before either but I found them for a killer deal so this will be my first time working with them


New Member
wow, I would say that 2.50 is a fair price. The cheapest that I have seen them this year was 12.99 at Lowes. My fav. garden center has them for up to 22.99. Where did you find this bargain?

Kya D

Active Member
I will let you know how this purchase turns out... At first she had only 25 offered now she has 75 offers. I will keep you posted

Kya D

Active Member
I recieved my plants yesterday
WOW they are huge and beautiful. No wilt, huge roots wonderful plants.. They are over a foot tall. Very good buy for 2.50
I can't wait to see them bloom
I didn't know that Dave's Garden had a market place, I may be in trouble again. I have been shopping for Brugmansias since we had to leave our 7 foot tall one that was our favorite behind in the move, it would have had to share the back seat with the kitties and I don't think that we would have been able to hide him when crossing the border.
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