Hi Everyone :)

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Welcome, glad to see you here. I also remember you from another group. you will see lots of friends here. Hope to see you around more


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Hi Mariposa, I'm so glad to see you posting. I hope you like the forums and will be with us often. I've missed you and your beautiful flowers.


Welcome Mariposa.........do enjoy, and I am sure you will. Also looking forward to spring..........:)
Great to see you hear, dear Luz! Doesn't this remind you of an old and familiar place???? I think you're going to really like it here! It's so wonderful to see you here and posting! Come back and spend some time here! You know that we all love you to pieces, dear friend!!!!!!!!!!

Dahlias, huh? They sure are pretty! I can't wait to see some of your pictures here! You've taken some really spectacular photos!
Thank You everyone for the warm welcome, YES!! it's me the one and only Butterfly Lady from the old site :). Starting to clean the garden getting ready to welcome my beautiful friends :)

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